Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Mini Goals with Bloom Guest Abbie White

Such a treat to have Ms. Abbie here today. Abbie has her hands full managing two little ones in the Big Apple all while her husband attends medical school, but she handles life with grace and humor. My favorite thing about Abbie? She's spunky and charming - an instant friend - but she's also got depth and wisdom and is genuinely trying to make her little world a more excellent place to be. I love her habit of September Mini Goals; I think you will too...

Happy September!

Isn’t the beginning of the school year so great? It’s the time of year that I’m ready to have a little more structure and accomplish good things, and it’s usually when I declare to my husband, “I just re-planned my entire life!” The Plan always includes SIMPLIFY followed by a huge list of a million things I want to do. Then I whine, “I’m so overwhelmed! I can’t do all of this.” And that’s when I put on my logical hat and decide what I really want to do with my life (at least my September - December 2010 life).

I take that giant list of all the things I want to do and whittle it down big time - I cross off all the things that are just not happening this fall. And then I separate the smaller list into categories: spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social/family. The end result is four mini-goals: one spiritual goal, one intellectual goal, one physical goal, and one social/family goal.

These don’t have to be over-the-top, January-1st-type goals. They can be easy, specific, stress-free goals; like learning how to wear make-up or doing the dishes before you go to bed or finishing up the half decorated walls in your living room or learning relaxation techniques to manage stress. See? Easy, specific, stress-free goals.

Once the goals are set and journaled, I keep them in my phone. I try to remember them when I’m planning out my week and put in steps of action that will help me accomplish these mini-goals.

And that’s how I’ve been doing 4 Mini Goals in September for the last few years; it’s been a good way to refocus after a crazy, fun summer.

So, what kind of self-improvement are you up to this fall?


Vicky said...

A well timed post.
I've set myself so many jobs that need doing this Autumn. I'm not overwhelmed yet, but then again I haven't really started, unless putting up the blinds in my bedroom that I've been meaning to do all year count!

Kalli Ko said...

I'm going to self improve me up a baby is what my plans are for this week.

I think sort term goals are do-able for me right now, that's about all I can muster.

jeanine said...

I was just going do to something similar! Thanks!

Sugar Mama said...

Waking up earlier to have some "quiet time" for myself is my self-improvement goal.

And cleaning out some of my "stuff" without running out to buy more "stuff".

Natalie said...

Even without children in school yet, I still love the fresh-slate feeling of fall. Time to get serious about goals for 2010. I love this post, because I do the same thing. I'm going to floss every day in September, get our family caught up on medical/dental stuff in October...We've started setting extended family goals that we're all trying to do together this month as a way to stay close. It's really fun. Thanks Abbie!

Jesslyn said...

Ditto the "well-timed post" comment because Sunday I started a mile long list of how I was going to close out 2010 "successfully!" I'm a list maker by nature so they tend to get long. But now I'll squish it down to 3 or for really good ones and have a calm and STILL successful end of the year!
Thanks for the reality check!

Melissa said...

I love this concept. Mini goals and only a few at a time with a few weeks to accomplish. I'm going to try this. :D

Rachael said...

I just posted about this a few days ago! My goals for the month:

1) Run a seven-minute mile
2) Read my scriptures at least 10 minutes a day
3) Say "yes" more frequently to my kids

Megh said...

I have always been a fan of setting goals in those four important areas of life: physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social. My wise dad taught me that one. This fall, for starters, I'm taking a beginning German class! And running an 8K with my husband. I'll have to mull over my other mini goals.

Headle said...

Abbie White. You are so inspiring!!! I'm doing this today. I SO fall into the category of the January goals that are toast by March. Starting again. FALL semester will bring a new start thanks to you!! :)

Deanna said...

My husband and I just made the goal not to get on the computer until the kids are asleep.