Monday, September 6, 2010

6th Street Design Winner & A Must-See...

Big, big thanks to all of our Bloom-versary giveaway sponsors. It was such a great week - so fun to celebrate one year of Blooming.

The lucky winner of a 6th Street room makeover is Jessie, who said:

okay here is the deal...who needs to win this more than a gal who has: plaid woodsman sheets, pink and brown polka dot comforter, great gmpa's rusty old dresser, pink flea market dresser, 15 colors of paint squares splattering the wall and an Edward poster hanging above her, and her HUSBAND'S boring old bed??

Jessie, that description makes us really anxious to see the before picture :) We can't wait to see what Kirsten comes up with and we're excited to document the transformation here at Bloom. Stay tuned...

In the meantime - Happy Labor Day! We are enjoying this day with our families, and hope you are, too. Our Labor Day gift to you--this thoughtful video on really being present with our children and listening to them.

em and anne


Abbie said...

guys, stop making me cry. that video is what i needed. thanks...again for a great reminder.

also that comment = awesome! yes! please give us a before and after. please.

carrie said...

What a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.