Thursday, July 22, 2010

Craving Creativity?

Do you have a hankering for a Summer project? Sometimes, even though I have laundry to fold and dishes to put away, I just want to work on something FUN while my boys are turning the sandbox into a mudbox or wrestling on my bed.

So today I'm sharing some tutorials for anyone who wants to get her craft on...

Remember when a bunch of you asked for tutorials following our Post-Christmas Handmade Gift Parade? Six months later, we are following through! The two most requested:
-Rosette corsage
-Little boy tie

You can find rosette instructions from the ever creative Sarah Nielsen here. They can be glued to a pin like mine or strung as a fabulous garland, as per Sarah's tutorial.

Also, Danielle taught me how to make rolled flower rosettes here. I have been making a bunch for bobby pins. They're especially easy because you can use random old fabric scraps and do them while watching TV, while your kids bathe, etc. (I even made a bunch on a car trip (in the passenger seat, obviously!) this spring! Love multi-tasking!)

As for the little neckties, try this tutorial or this one--in which you make a little tie from a man's tie. So darling!

Another project idea I am completely enamored with: Liz Stanley's personalized Memory Game. I can't wait to make one for my boys!

Next: Yes, I have two sons, but I really want to make a couple of these skirts for the daughter of my dreams. Oliver + S has the most darling patterns, and this one is free! If you don't feel like a confident seamstress yet, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Now that's five fun project ideas my dears. I've pretty much realized that if you require yourself to do everything on your to-do list first every day, and tell yourself you'll do something fun later, the fun stuff never happens. Sometimes it does a soul good to put the mop down for a half-hour and create.

Feel free to share other projecty links that we might love!


The Parkers said...

So many cute ideas! Now I just need a sewing machine and a daughter so I can make that skirt! I will definitely be making the memory game's a fantastic way to put your favorite pictures to use. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

I have been itching to be creative lately! During nap time yesterday, I spray painted my clothespins (idea from MADE: It was the easiest and fastest thing I could think of -- nearly instant gratification. (I took the pins apart for spraying, so I could keep the metal part unpainted. They are gorgeous!)

Bloom said...

Erin, I love painted clothespins, too. I use them for 'chip clips' in my kitchen.


danielle said...

you just need to put "make a craft" on your list and then you can have the satisfaction of checking it off!