Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cactus Garden

We love having living plants in our home and are kind of obsessed with this new little cactus garden in our living room.

Here's why:

*Most low budget greenery EVER. Each of these plants was around $2 at Home Depot, and you can get tiny terra cotta pots for a song.
*Super easy to water--just keep a spray bottle of water close and water when cacti look completely dry.
*We just got back from a week in Maui and they were as happy as can be. Love that low maintenance!
*We love the juxtaposition of the earthy pots and plants on the classic, dainty cake plates. (We also think they would look really great on a galvanized steel tray.)

I'm still waiting for my zinnias to produce enough that I can cut a few and bring them in. But, for now, I've got my desert flowers.


We live in a Zoo! said...


Mary said...

I love the variety!

Maria said...

ill try anything once! it seems i just can't keep a plant breathing no matter how hard i try! maybe these are exactly what i need! :)

Terri said...

I love it! I need more plants in my house... and the way you have this arranged is so cute!

The Parkers said...

Do they do well inside without a lot of direct sunlight? I'd love to have a succulent collection on my dining table, but I'm afraid they would just die. What's been your experience with this? Your arrangement is so cute btw!

Bloom said...

I haven't had a problem without direct sunlight yet...knock on wood!

Joatis said...

not all of them are cacti, but all of them are succulents. price is very good