Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Roundup: Printable Tags

I'm not much for fussy gift-wrap; just not something I feel like I have time for in my life right now. I'm into "brown paper packages tied up with string." And it's a win/win because brown paper+cute string+cute tag=charming gift!

Today we want to help you with the "cute tag" part. There are so many great free printables in the interwebs, but finding them can feel akin to looking for the one cute top lurking in all the horrors at ROSS. We don't want you to have to do that, so we rounded up some goodies for you:

Vintage Style Tags via Nice Package

Personalized Labels via Martha

Reindeer & Lights Tags via Creature Comforts
***Check out their whole series of free printables (gift tags, food labels, etc.) Fantastic!***

These little sweeties via Black Apple

Love the colors & the modern edge of this set via Paper Crave.

This last one is not a gift tag, but we wanted to post this Christmas subway art that Amanda Stringham created and shared with us. A beautiful reminder to print and enjoy for this time of year.

Regardless of the trimmings & trappings, we hope you find great joy in your gift-giving this year.

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Kimberly said...

Those are very cute! It's easy to make your own. What I did was buy some nice paper and stamps. I just stamped the paper and voila-tags!

Sally said...

Well shoot, I already wrapped and sent off all my gifts. Next year maybe.

Bloom said...


you really should be more of a procrastinator like me ;)


Joan said...

Anne, I LOVED the Ross analogy. You crack me up :)

Bloom said...

no way, Joan. That Ross analogy was all Em!!


Anonymous said...