Monday, November 23, 2009

Handmade Boxes How-to by Bloom Guest Angie

I am so excited to be a guest over here at Bloom! My name is Angie and I love to create things by hand. It makes me smile when I can take a piece of fabric or a piece of paper and mold it into something useful and pleasing to the eye. Visit me at my blog this and that.

Today I am going to show you how to make these awesome paper boxes that really have endless possibilities! They are great to fill with candy or chocolate to take to a friend. That's what I'll be using them for this Christmas season!


* paper
* glue stick

1. Use the diagram below as a guide. Score and fold paper along the dotted lines. Cut paper along solid lines.

Your paper should now look like this:

2. Glue the small fold of paper on the far right side to the inside of the opposite side of paper to make a cylinder.

3. Glue the bottom squares together to form the bottom of the box.

4. Fill the box with candy or any other small gift! There are so many ways to close the top of the box up. Here are just a few:

Fold as you would a lunch bag and punch 2 holes in the top. Thread a ribbon through.

Cut the top the same as you did to make the bottom of the box. Cut a small slit in the top 2 flaps. Tie a loop of ribbon with a knot at the bottom. Thread the ribbon through each hole. The ribbon should now hold the top closed.
Fold it over and staple it. Glue a big bow on front.

For this box, I didn't use the same measurements that are in the diagram below. I changed them to make a fatter box. With this one, don't fold it over, just staple it in the middle and secure a big flower to the front, here is a top view of that.

Close up both ends of the box the same. Tie a ribbon around the box, as you would a gift

Thanks a bunch, Angie! Maybe we can keep our hands busy while our turkey digests making some of these cute boxes.

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Abbie said...

Love these! Thanks for showing how to make them.

LJ said...

Great idea! I will definitely be making some of these this season.

Joan said...

Darling...Thanks Angie :)
The red flowery ribbon/bow thingy is lovely! Did you make that or buy it?

Bloom said...

I just love these, Angie! And I'm loving your blog, too. So many great tutorials. Thanks!