Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Menu

I really like my husband. When I get out the Halloween decor, he jumps in to help me hang the spider garland and assemble my pumpkin displays. I think partly because we like to do absolutely everything together and partly because he is super creative. And Taylor's creativity really shines in the kitchen. Boyyy, does it!

So here is our favorite Halloween menu, a la my husband:

* Squash soup with reduced balsamic vinegar designs*

For soup recipes, try Alton Brown's or this one from epicurious. Click here for instructions on reducing the vinegar (it's super easy). Once it's reduced, put it in a squirt bottle and make your designs. Some we've tried: spiderweb, spider, witch's hat. I suppose if you are really confident in your art work, you could try a black cat or a witch or anything else ghoulish you wish!

Serve this soup up with some of yesterday's peasant bread, and you've got yourself a meal!

And for dessert--

Happy dining!


Joan said...

Taylor has mastered the perfect culinary combination: he knows how to please the the eye AND the palate!
SUCH festive ideas! Squash is one of my favorite vegetables ANY time of year...and soup on a cold day (yes, it is cold in Phoenix--42 degrees cold) sounds delightful.
Thanks for sharing :)

lori said...

We're in love with the spider web soup! How fun!