Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Repurpose for Organization

Maybe some of the "clutter" you have laying around might actually be able to help you organize your other clutter. Loved these ideas for giving old things new organizational life.
remember this little gem (book storage crate) from "A Place to Read?"
Bathroom storage image from PoeticHome

Wine crates stacked and repurposed for bathroom storage.
Old crates can also be tipped on their sides
and used as end tables next to low-profile beds.
Or to hold books.


Loved this corner of Stephanie Nielson's
home the minute I saw it.
Don't the tin cans look charming filled
with scissors, paint brushes, and colored pencils?
Recycled glass jars, stripped of their labels would be cute, too.


Ice cube or silverware trays
can be used to store jewelry
or small office supplies
in a vanity/desk drawer.
image via apartmenttherapy

Love the paint-can cubbies.
I think you can buy empty paint cans
at most local paint retailers - all sizes.
Image and more info at

And finally, who would think that a rickety old stack of dresser drawers
could become something as cute as this?

You really just need to check out this whole post
from Decorology about furniture repurposing ideas -- very cool stuff!

We'd love to hear about any of your successful repurposing endeavors.


Joan said...

You should have included your peanut butter jars :) I loved how you did that with their kelly green lids. SO cute.
I don't have any ideas at the moment but I really like the drawer concept. I'm not sure that will work at this stage in my life though...with curious/rambunctious boys. I'm afraid they'll knock them over in four seconds.
Maybe when life settles down--forty years from now?!

Candice said...

I love it when people are creative with items that are usually "garbage". Great idea for a post!!

Hillary said...

Love all of these photos! What great ideas!

Mary Mollica, Owner & Artist of The Decorative Paintbrush said...

HI! I really like your blog! I stumbled upon it because I was looking for pictures of empty drawers for my own ( I redo/recycle furniture into functional pieces of art...please feel free to check it out if you'd like, perhaps even follow me??? Too bold? LOL! Anyway, I like the ideas that you guys have for reusing simple household items-really creative!

lindsey. said...

I am a bit of a glass jar hoarder so I loved this post! Please tell me that the fact that I got up to get a pad of paper and pen to take notes from this post does not make me too much of a nerd!