Thursday, August 11, 2011

6th Street Design Bedroom Makeover--the Reveal

A few months ago Bloomer Jessie won an E-Design giveaway sponsored by Kirsten Krason of 6th Street Design School.

We showed you before pictures.

We showed you Kirsten's design board.

Today we give you the results:

Check out the before and after comparisons...

Old bedding: woodsman meets pink polka dots
New bedding: pillow fabrics suggested by Kirsten plus quilt made by Jessie

Old corner wall: multiple swatches of paintNew corner wall: a nice light gray color with artwork suggested by Kirsten plus a cozy reading nook (chair from Ikea), pillow made by Jessie
Old thrift store pink buffet:

Newly painted mint green buffet:Old curtains:
New curtains: fabric suggested by Kirsten

Old (joke of a) headboard:
New headboard: an old door-turned-headboard by Jessie's husband
Pretty amazing improvement, don't you think?!


jeanine said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

Kimberly said...

amazing transformation!

adriennep said...

So pretty! I am holding out hope you will find a way to post the sources (esp. for the pink chevron fabric and yellow (damask?) curtain fabric. Really cool!

Katie R said...

Its beautiful! What kind of fabric is it?

rae said...


It's looks awesome, but I'm really going to miss the twilight poster...

Ps...Anne, I hear credit is due to you for the amazing apron joan made me, thank you for that!

Margaret said...


Miggy said...

Amazing what a little paint, effort and an overall vision can do! Good job.

Joan said...

The pink zig zaggy print pillows (anne, I cant remember the technical name for that pattern) are soo fun! Hooray for your darling new room, Jessie!

The MOB said...

I love all the pops of color and the headboard is fantastic. Is it a king size bed? I have been searching for a headboard I like and this is a great idea!

Jeo Fazzio said...

Designer bedroom makeover with contemporary bed.

xlpharmacy said...

This ius a beautiful bedroom is simple but very nice for our eyes, I'd like to arrange my daughter's bedroom like that.

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