Thursday, June 23, 2011

Showering Sara

{engagement photo by Danielle Wilson}

When my sister-in-law Sara got engaged to darling Shane, I jumped at the chance to throw her a shower.

The Decor:
Pom-poms (from an old Martha Stewart for Michael's line), my favorite lovey print, free printable banner from here-- "S and S" = "Sara and Shane" (a little cryptic, I know), and flowers with homemade wire picture holders.

The menu:
Fresh fruit, bread, and salads galore (Caesar salad from Frankly Entertaining, farfalle with pesto and peas from Ina Garten, my SIL, Melissa's famous Greek salad, and my favorite spinach salad). To drink--chilled Kearns nectars and San Pellegrinos (the Limonata is my favorite beverage on the planet!)

The activities:
I'm not a huge fan of shower games, so the main activity I always do is ask the bride questions and see if her answers match those of the groom--which I have pre-recorded and are projected for all to see. (I don't make her chew bubble gum for wrong answers.) The video makes for a fun keepsake for the couple and is a great way for the shower guests to learn more about the groom. (I'll have you know I had to swallow my pride to post this picture because I loathe that printed chair--a classic thrift buy that I purchased fabric to recover, but...)
And of course we had presents--including family heirloom china. So sweet!

For dessert:
Hand-dipped waffle cones (semi-sweet chocolate with coconut, walnuts, or sprinkles) with assorted ice cream, gelato, and sorbet.

To take home:
My mother helped me come up with this simple favor--giant oatmeal chewies and chocolate chip cookies. The twist? It's not for you, it's for your husband. Mom says, "If you come home with a treat for him, he will love showers!" Brilliant.

***all shower images by Stacey Morris


sara cropper said...

Anne! That was the best shower ever! I'm so lucky to have such a talented and willing sister in-law! Especially considering it was the busiest week of your life. It's not like you had to make 1300 cupcakes the day before... oh wait, you did. You're amazing and accomplished some serious feats of strength with zero sleep, and did it all smiling and giggling.
Love you!

Danielle said...

Really cute. Wish I could have come;(

PS. I love the fabric on the chair. Ha.

Bridget said...

everything looked beautiful and delicious! you have a way of putting things together. i am so glad i found your blog!
the hand dipped ice cream cones were darling.

Lorene (just Lu) said...

What a gorgeous and fun shower! Everything looks phenomenal. And what a smart mom, sending home a shower gift for the husbands! If I were hosting, I'd have to cheat though and send two because I know that I personally couldn't make it home with a scrumptious cookie without taking at least one bite :)

Becca said...

Where did you get that love birds print? I want it.

Sarah said...

That love birds print is gorgeous! I also love the hand dipped cones ... I just might put that away for a rainy day!!

Joan said...

WOW, Anne! WOW! (why does that sound sarcastic when I read it out loud?! haha--it is NOT).
The dipped cones, the flowers EVERYWHERE!, the yellow zig-zag table cloth...every detail was covered. You are the party throwing extraordinaire!
PS: Forget the silly chair for heaven sake! I'm proud of you for posting the pic regardless :)
Oh, and I CANNOT believe you threw this party the day after the cupcake order from H$LL?!?! You are SUPER woman.
PSS: Can you tell I like you a lot? ;)
How entirely FUN will it be for us to see each other for a whole two weeks in July!? EEEEEE!!!

Heather said...

So awesome and so beautiful! I love all the fun little details, and the food? Looks delish! Are you for hire?

Christina said...

Looks lovely! And I think the chair is cute the way it is :)

Mrs. Cropper said...

Thanks, everyone for your compliments. As you've seen before, I threw the world's most horrific bday party for my 5 yr old. I am much better at grown up parties!

@Lorene--good point, 2 cookies would be perfect!

@Becca--I got that print at one of my favorite local shops but found it for you here:
(mine is the 7 x7 greeting card)
I love all their stuff!!!

@Heather--oh man, being a party planner is like my dream job!

Chip & Laura said...

Oh Anne. I am so sorry to have missed this shower. I just KNEW it would be wonderful. Every detail is, banners, delicious food, gifts, entertainment.... I admire your talents and your love for your family is evident in all you do.

See you at our pool this summer!

Lorraine said...

One day, just because you love me, and I love you, I want ALL of your recipes (and Taylor's too). I wish he still updated the food blog, I checked it today, and I LOVE all of your recipes. I made the lemon raspberry cupcakes for Vincent's bday and everyone died. You and Taylor are food geniuses. One day?

Shawn and Mary said...

Ahhh...I love you Sara!