Wednesday, June 22, 2011

choices: now and later

me, mom, kate (little sister)

My alarm's set. Stretchy pants laid out. Runners ready to lace up. I'm hiking with my mom in the morning. We've been doing it pretty regularly; about once a week for a month or so. It's heavenly for many reasons - brisk air, quiet city, happy birds. Plus, we talk all the way to the peak, which is interesting and therapeutic for my compressed soul.

Last week at the summit, I looked at her and told her how much I was loving that moment together and thanked her for taking such good care of herself. This is why I want to honor my body with whole foods and exercise and rest, I reminded myself. I want to stand on top of a mountain with Lily in 25 years and snap goofy pictures on our iPhones - or whatever space-age gadgets we have by then. (I'm not showing you the goofy pictures we snapped last week because i look like Mr. Ed on sedatives ... not cute)

All the choices my mom made when she was twenty, thirty, forty five - they're all trickling down, mattering to me, now. Her energy and vigor make my life richer and brighter. Her strength makes my burdens lighter. It is joyful to stand on top of a mountain with her, knowing it was our own legs and lungs that carried us to the top. She matches me step for step. We even ran a (tiny) bit of the way. She's amazing.

Gotta get to bed. As much as I love our morning hikes, it is always hard for me to pry my heavy eyelids open and drag my lazy bones out of bed.



Kelly J. R. said...

Your post echoes my sentiments exactly. I have friends in their 70's who can cross-country ski circles around me. I pray that my health and vigor will stay with me well into old age. Keep moving - that's our mission. I got out hiking with my mom over the weekend and I agree that it's so rewarding and inspiring.

Mickie and Matt said...

Em- I have to share with you about 10 years ago while I was at Girls camp I was concerned that I wouldn't be as conditioned as the other girls trying out for the high school soccer team the following week. SO I went to the leaders and asked if I could go for a few runs out on the roads outside of camp. They okayed it as long as I could find a leader to run with. Guess who that leader was? It was your wonderful mother. She was so kind to go with me. She is such a gem. Loved your thoughts, I hope for those same things.

Rachael said...

Such a great post, Em. I echo your sentiments. :-)

And I LOVE that you and your mom are able to slip away once a week to do this together! So envious.

Joan said...

I agree wholeheartedly. The hard part: getting my husband to do something about it too! :) He is trim (as you know) but not the most cardiovascularly fit man..and I want him to be able to keep up with me and our sons in 20-30, heck, even 40 years!
Ps: Gosh, what kind of wife throws her husband under the bus like I just did?!

Deanna said...

I think about this every time my 80 yr old grandparents are able to keep up with my kids at the park. It's incredible. And I LOVE Mickie's comment about your mom running with her! So sweet!

Natalie said...

I don't really know her, but I love her! Your mom that is. :) It's easy to see how someone as lovely as you came from someone like her! xoxo

Heather said...

That was really beautiful, I loved reading it.