Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Share

We were planning to post something cutesy and Easter decor-ish this morning. But then we spent the weekend watching LDS General Conference. Last night at our family dinner (don't you wish you were so lucky to marry your bff's husband's cousin?!) we looked at each other and nearly simultaneously exclaimed, "Who cares about decor right now? Let's talk about conference!"

Because after hours of listening to men and women we consider to be God's anointed help us remember to be less worldly and more giving, less proud and more loving to our children, most everything else seems largely insignificant. Surely we'll get to Easter decorations soon enough. Today we want to share with you some things that really moved us this past weekend.

Em's going to share some favorite highlights (with links to the full talks!) and then I'll send you on your way today with a favorite new mormon message video (watch it with a box of kleenex).

Listening to conference this weekend I (Em) just felt lucky. To me, it was eight solid hours of peace, wisdom, comfort, love, encouragement, inspiration, truth. It was a weekend port in a worldly storm. A respite and a remedy for the injustice and confusion and devastation and disintegration that seems to be threatening from every direction.

Here are a few personal highlights:

Jean A. Stevens
Her message about pure, unwavering, childlike faith was a reminder I really needed. I loved her counsel to embrace our children with our eyes and our arms and our hearts; to really "behold" them. They have so much to teach us. The story at five minutes touched the most tender spot in my heart. Listen to it; it will make you feel more tenderly for children - yours and others.

I also loved Elder Cook's talk about women in the church. One point that stood out to me most is that in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our primary work is the work of salvation - of loving and rescuing people, bringing them closer to Christ - and women and men are equally important and equally necessary in that work.

Other favorites were Lynn G. Robbins. Made me rethink the way we praise and correct our children. Such a great distinction between what we do and what/who we are.

And Richard G. Scott, most tender, perfect talk ever about how priceless our family relationships are.

I (Anne) second Em's love of those last two. And this video is along those lines about family and parenthood. Meet my new hero, Bill:

love to you,
em and anne


toddnjoelle said...

Thanks Anne and Emily. I too loved watching conference and it couldn't have come at a more needed time. Funny how that is.

Christina said...

I agree- after conference weekend nothing else seems as significant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today! I can't wait until I have a minute to sit down tonight and share my own.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing! It always keeps things in perspective and motivates me to be a better person. So excited to find your blog Anne! You have always been truly inspiring.

Kim Barlow (Wasatch Cohort @ BYU)

Kalli Ko said...

Stop it, I love Mormon Messages, that one was particularly touching. I love daddies.

Conference was so good huh? Man I loved it.

Amy said...

I cried through Elder Scott's entire talk and then I couldn't stop enough to listen through the whole next talk after his. I loved the whole conference. I felt so completely filled with everything I was looking and praying for.

Natalie said...

Yes, it's amazing that they can talk to millions, and yet we all feel like it was just for us, individually. God really does care about us on such a personal level. I loved the talk about the man searching for the golden nuggets. He was looking so hard for the nuggets that he missed the little flecks that were all around him. If that doesn't relate to motherhood I don't know what does! :)

Heather said...

Conference was absolutely wonderful. Those very talks spoke straight to my soul. I love my own family tradition of everyone gathering for a huge brunch and listening to the beautiful messages that are spoken. Thanks for this.

jeanine said...

Oh there were so many great talks... I can't wait to go back and read them! I love listening to Elder Scott talk about his wife... such great stories! (I especially like it because my husband and I are Richard and Jeanine as well)

Kimberly said...

Tried to watch conference, but with a week old baby I was just happy to hear a talk or two in snatches.

I can't wait to read the Ensign next month, and I'm SO grateful the church provides the talks online to listen to at your leisure, I'm looking forward to that as well when I've got a bit more time...