Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy French Pedi with Bloom Guest Sally

Yay! Sally is back with another great DIY (remember her great tutorial on cutting bangs?)! This is making us so excited for spring!

Sandal season is just around the corner, and even though I would love nothing more than to go sit in a comfy chair and let someone else pamper my toes, money and time usually demand that instead I sit on my hard kitchen floor and give myself a pedicure while trying to keep my 3 year old from painting her hands, feet, and the kitchen table with bright pink polish.

It may not be nearly as relaxing to do a self pedicure, but that doesn't mean my toes have to look like a DIY polish job. And today I'm going to show all of you how to do a super easy french pedicure that will look awesome!

Before we get to the part about making your toes pretty though I have to put in a plug for your feet. Don't forget that they need some love too! A little exfoliating and some lotion will make a big difference. I keep a small jar of this sugar scrub in the shower for daily maintenance. If your heels are super bad after a long winter though, my sister swears by this little tool.

OK, here is everything you will need: White fingernail polish, acetone, a small glass dish, a nail brush or old makeup brush (a regular paint brush will also work just not as well) and a clear top coat. (oops, I forgot that for the picture)

It's best to have an old towel under your feet while you work not only to protect the floor, but you will also need to wipe off the brush occasionally.

Start by pouring a very small amount of acetone into your glass dish. Don't use plastic!

Next brush some white polish on the tip of your nail. Don't worry about being neat or clean.

If the polish is a little streaky like mine is, go ahead and put on a second thin layer.
Next, dab your brush into the acetone and then wipe it along the edge of the dish to get rid of any excess.

After that, wipe the brush along the bottom of the polish making a smooth line. Wipe off the excess polish onto the towel and make sure to clean off the brush with acetone when your done so the polish doesn't dry on there. Now would also be the time to clean off any polish that got on your skin.

It should end up looking something like this, although the line can be as thick or thin as you want. That part is personal preference.

Once you have your white line on all ten toes, simply put on a layer of shiny clear polish and you are sandal ready!

One last note about acetone. If you have some left over in your dish when your done, don't dump it down the drain. Instead, put the dish out of reach of children and let it all evaporate. And since someone is probably going to ask, I'm assuming you could use non acetone polish remover as well if that is what you have already. I've just never tried.
Thanks to Sally for Blooming with us today. Check out more of her greatness HERE.


Vicky said...

That seems like such a easier way to do a french nail look. I've always struggled with those little sticky thingys they include in a manicure polish set and given up!

Jenn said...

Love it! As your sister I have been in on this little tip for a while now and I want everyone to know I have tried it and it really does work and look great! Summer here I come!!

Nicole said...

Great tutorial! I've never thought of doing it like this. Thanks!

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