Monday, February 7, 2011

Hooded Towels with Bloom guest Emily

Friends, we are excited to welcome Emily of Everyday Art to Bloom today. You are going to love this tutorial!
First of all, Jaime and I (Emily) from Everyday Art are so excited to share a project with you! A big thanks to Bloom for inviting us!

This project is one of my favorites and has been a go-to baby gift for a while now.

These towels are the perfect size for a baby. (A little small for a toddler.)

Start with a full size bath towel. Cut a square as large as you can and round the corners. I usually trace the edge of a bowl to make sure they're the same.

From the scraps, cut a hood shape by tracing one of your corners. Cut any ears, spots, noses, or anything else you'll need (depending on how you're decorating your towel) from towel and fabric scraps. If you're making ears I recomend using one layer of towel and one of cotton.

Attatch your face shapes using heat n' bond lite (iron-on adheasive) and sew around the edges.

To make the ears, put the right sides of your cotton and towel shapes together. Sew around all edges BUT the bottom. Turn right side out. Lay the ears on the hood and pin in place.

Align the hood with one corner of the towel (right sides together). The ears will be sandwiched between. Sew the hood to the towel by sewing along the top hood edge. (I usually sew over this a couple times to make it extra secure).

Turn right side out.

Sew the trim (extra-wide double-fold bias tape) around the towels raw edges.

Add any finishing touches- like these button eyes.

Fold it up and give it away- or keep it.

Here's a frog version. You can see the shape of the towel and how the trim goes around in this picture.

Sometimes I roll them up and tie with the extra bias tape.

Enjoy your new hooded towel!


Anonymous said...

Now I need to learn how to knit AND sew! This is one of the most adorable ideas I've seen in a looong time!

Kimberly said...

so cute!

GailM. said...

OMG, these are so cute and so easy. Thanks for showing how you did it. These will make a cute baby shower gift.

Lois said...

Thanks so much for this!!! I made a puppy for my nephew, but used the full size towel, and half a hand towel for the hood, and just sewed it on the towels long side. That way it can be used for more than just the baby yrs.:)

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