Monday, February 28, 2011

A handmade gift with Bloom guest Jeanine

Jeanine here popping over from Serving Pink Lemonade where my sister, Amy, and I post about the fun things we do with our kids. I am mom to 3 (soon to be 4!) little boys ages 6 and under who keep me on my toes and inspire my creative side. I'm honored to be over here at Bloom today!

This past Christmas I had my older boys (ages 6 and 3 1/2) make the gifts that they were going to give to each other (see them HERE and HERE). I was having a hard time coming up with something for them to make for the one-year-old. Then I remembered this adorable giraffe tutorial I had seen forever ago on Make It and Love It but had never gotten around to making. My youngest is always carrying around a stuffed animal of some sort so this was just perfect! I had the boys look through my scrap fabric and ribbons to find something they thought their brother would like. They decided on some fuzzy blue fleece and a scrap of Dad's worn out dress shirt.

After I cut out the fabric and pinned it together I let them each have a go at hand stitching the pieces together. They did awesome! Their attention waned after a bit and I ended up stitching the rest but they still felt pride in working on this gift together, choosing something they thought their brother would like, actually making something pretty cool and useful. For me, I loved seeing that my boys were excited to give something instead of just listing off the things that they wanted to get.

Thanks, Jeanine! We love the giraffe and even more so the idea of teaching our children the fun of creating and gifting!

****Also, you don't want to miss Jeanine and Amy's post about celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday--which is this Wednesday, March 2nd! So many great ideas!!****


Jonesy said...

I made a little elephant the other day for a friend, that was similar to this giraffe and my kids kept fighting over whose turn it was to hold it and cuddle it. There's just something magical about a pile of "stuff" becoming a real "something" isn't there? I'm a big fan of Serving Pink Lemonade--all the ideas are easy and manageable and without a lot of the pomp and circumstance and tooting your own horn I keep finding in blogland.
Thanks for the links to Dr. Seuss! I'm working on a big display @ my kids school this week and I can always use more ideas! Thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE! I love this little guy!

Unknown said...

Hooray for friends on Bloom! I think it's about time I start utilizing these great ideas I keep reading about

Unknown said...

Love it - so cute. You would also love Joel Henrique's blog Made By Joel ( that is pretty much ALL DIY kid's toys. Beautiful photography too. Thanks for the ideas. STop on over to my blog My pillow giveaway is still on.

Curls said...

I so want a sewing machine! Things like this get me excited about sewing, thanks for sharing.

Natalie said...

beautiful little gift. so cute! I had forgotten about your wonderful crafty site and am so excited to catch up on what i've been missing. thanks!

Bloom said...

I love that you used a scrap of one of their dad's dress shirts - very sweet. I'm saving Nate's - maybe for a quilt? But it's fun to think about other ways to incorporate them into projects.

Thanks, Jeanine!


jeanine said...

It was fun to be over at Bloom! Thanks for all of your sweet comments!

Unknown said...

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