Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making It Personal with Bloom Guest Dana of House*Tweaking

We are so excited to welcome Dana to Bloom today. Her beautiful blog is click after click of inspiration for your interiors. We're thrilled to soak up some of her style smarts at Bloom...

Hi to all you bloomers! Dana from House*Tweaking here. So happy to contribute on Bloom!
Today, I'd like to suggest a few easy ways to make your home more personal...and I'm not talking about a clutter of propped-up picture frames on every horizontal surface. If you're like me, you don't want to dust those every week anyway...or risk them being knocked over by lil' hands either. To demonstrate each idea, I'll be showing you examples from my own home. Let's get to it!

*Wall monograms - Displaying the first letter of your {or other household members'} first or last name is a great way to add some personality to bare walls. Whether you apply vinyl decals {such as the one over our TV} or paint and hang your own version {like the ones in my sons' shared room}, wall monograms can lend a sense of sophistication and even act as a focal point.

*Add characters - For a more casual and playful feel, self-standing wooden or paper maché letters can be quickly added to your decor. Simply prop one up on a shelf or lean them on a bookcase or windowsill. The best part? They're totally noncommittal. Take them away when you get bored or need to repurpose the room.

*Candid camera - Break the mold and resist the urge to only showcase professionally photographed family pictures. Sift through photos taken by yourself or other family members and edit them down to favorites that document real life. Have them printed in black & white and display them in similar frames for a big impact family photo wall.

*Keep{sake} it simple - Choose only a handful of keepsakes to put on display. If you show off every single one, things can start to feel cluttered and less special real quickly. Family heirlooms {like Grandpa's old gas station overalls patch or Papa's bible from the war} and baby mementos {engraved blocks, birth documents and pressed clay footprints} are good go-to ideas.

*Chalk one up - Find a sliver of wall space or an unassuming door and paint it with chalkboard paint. Leave family notes, jot down grocery items, write inspirational quotes, let the kids draw and make 'thankful for' lists. Use only white chalk for easier clean up.

*Make it meaningful - Take a phrase from a favorite song, book or movie and turn it into art. Use a projector to transfer the font onto a wall or fabric for large scale wall art.

I hope I've given you some new ideas that will help you to make your house your home. Thinking outside the box when adding personality to your home can make for an interesting and stylish space. Make your home as unique as your family is!

Thanks for having me, Emily & Anne!

images: all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


Jen@Organized-Design said...

I absolutely love the foot prints framed. The way all the pictures are displayed is fabulous. I love how much personality it brings to the space!

Melissa said...

These are fantastic ideas! I love the chalkboard door!
Thank you for the inspiration!

Heather @ REOlisticRenovation said...

The chalkboard door is FANTASTIC! I have been plotting with chalkboard paint for a while only unsure of exactly what to do with it. LOVE THIS IDEA! Also love the wall monograms.

Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids said...

Thanks for all the great tips. I especially liked the idea of a chalkboard door. We have some beat up looking doors around here that would look great black!

The Parkers said...

SO MANY good ideas and tips! I just spent about an hour browsing Dana's site and I'm feeling so inspired and motivated to decorate my own house now. You have to check out her DIY headboard....LOVE IT!!!! I'm an instant fan!

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Anonymous said...

What is the paint color?!? I lOovvve it!!