Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2nd Annual Handmade Parade (Day Three)

Today is our third and final installment of the Handmade Parade!

Stacy made these adorable animal ear headbands to encourage her daughter's creative play.

(More info and how-to HERE.)

Trina made these ornaments for an exchange,

and her daughters surprised her by using the same supplies to make her jewelry!

Rosalee made this awesome felt playhouse for her boys.

Rachael made these ornaments

and this hat

and this cool metalwork was done by her husband

Becky made this jewelry holder, complete with knobs for necklaces and bracelets, ribbons for dangly earrings, and corkboard behind for studs.

As for me (Anne), I fixed up an old brown desk with a fresh coat of paint and glass knobs from Anthropologie. I gave it to my niece, Katie, who was ecstatic to hide her collectibles in it and use the desktop to practice her cursive.

Her little sister, Mary, likes it for hiding under.

Mary, along with some other nieces, received one of my vintage hand towel-turned-aprons.

And that's the end of the parade, friends! Thank you so much to all who shared with us! We hope you collected a batch of ideas for next Christmas and felt as inspired as we did to keep company (even if it is cyber-company) with so many thoughtful, creative women.



Rosalee said...

Thanks for including me! (even if I was late.) I'm SO impressed with everything everyone made. Thanks for all the great ideas.

liz said...

Anne, just wanted you to know that Mary Lambert insisted on wearing her vintage apron to church this past Sunday. It looked awesome with her Christmas dress. Love you.

Rae said...

thanks also for including me and my husband. It was neat to see everyone else's creations- and get some ideas for next year!