Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Service Ideas--Help for the Truman Family

If you were to say: "Name someone who makes you want to be a better person," I would shout out "Lori Truman!" before I even took a breath.

When I was first married and settling into a new home in Utah, Lori became my first real friend. She stopped by to see how I was, brought me meals when I had my first baby, and asked genuine questions about my life. We worked together at BYU, which solidified our friendship. What solidified our friendship even more? When she brought me saltines and 7up because my whole family was barfing and when she left cupcake themed Valentine's kitchen towels outside my door just because and when she took care of Blaine all day when Roger was born. We moved from Utah in May of '08 and were back in June for a family reunion. Taylor planned a birthday dinner for me with all of our old friends there. When I got out of the car and saw Lori, I burst into tears.

I guess you're probably getting the picture.

What I haven't explained yet, is that through all this time, Lori has worked from home, born two amazing children, and grappled with the reality that her darling husband, Wes, has brain cancer. And while that brings pain and stress unimaginable, Lori and Wes continue to be faithful that God will provide. As Lori has written on her blog, they know that "peace and pain can co-exist." Like I said, Lori makes me want to be a better person.

Here's where you and your Christmas cheer come in: Lori and Wes have been given an amazing opportunity to build a house, which is currently in the works. And some friends are working to raise funds to make a warm, furnished, beautiful home possible for them.

Please take some time to look at Lori's blog. You will fall in love.

If you want to do somethingto help the Trumans, you can:
*Donate through paypal by sending your donation to
*Purchase something from this registry to help furnish their new home

You should know that Lori and Wes feel a bit overwhelmed by all of these fundraising efforts. Lori was hesitant when I asked if we could ask Bloomers to help out. That is to say, they are humbled by and tremendously grateful for all of this help. And I know they would want you to know that.



Rosalee said...

I dearly love this family. Lori was my hall advisor at DT for a year while I worked as a resident assistant. It was during that year that Wes first got his diagnosis. The Trumans are an incredible example of selflessness - they are so charitable and so sweet. Something that touched me about Wes happened shortly after his operation Thanksgiving of 2005. I had my foot operated on over the Christmas break - a procedure I opted to have done, not one that was completely necessary. He was always so attentive to me, asking me how my foot was doing and how I was feeling. I was so touched because there he was recovering from brain surgery yet he took the time to ask after my minor, elective surgery. Something wonderful about Lori - she knew my older brother when he was a freshman and she was an RA. It was her influence and example that helped him straighten out his own life. He became more active and readied himself for a mission thanks to her kindness and example. I love this family. I always will. I look forward to helping them. Thanks so much for this update.

jeanine said...

Oh Anne! I feel the same way about Lori. She's my hero. Thank you for spreading the word to help them out. I can't think of a more deserving family.

Natalie said...

There have been many times that I have read her blog and been so moved by her amazing perspective. Much love to the Truman family, they truly are incredible.

lori said...

Oh, friends, all this love means more than money every could. Thank you all for those kind, kind, kind sentiments.

"Humbled" and "tremendously
grateful" are indeed the right words to describe Wes's and my feelings... especially because we know of so many families who are just as deserving and whose needs are just as great, or greater, than our own.

THANK YOU. (A hundred million times!)

Whitney Hardie said...

I remember Lori and Wes, though they probably wouldn't remember me. I was a freshman in 2004 and she was my Hall Advisor. They are such kind and genuine people - thank you for giving us all a chance to give back to them.

Amy Jean said...

I am so glad she let you post this! There are not enough words to describe how amazing this family is. love them with all my heart.