Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home is... {by Anne}

This is the second installment in our 'Home is...' series. To see Emily's home photo essay, see here.

In the winter it's...
popcorn crumbs and blankets on the playroom floor, evidence of yet another cozy popcorn and movie fest
a warm bubble bath drawn, sometimes twice a day
cuddling up with two little boys to read a pile of books

In the spring it's...
warm, fresh laundry, piled up and awaiting folding
daffodils and blossoms brought indoors as the first sign of life
happy faces, ready to ride bikes again and open the sandbox for the season

In the summer it's...
picking tomatoes and basil with little helpers followed by pesto on bread
giant dahlias and glads adorning the mantle
tiny sidewalk chalk dust food prints all the way down the hall
wet swimsuits and dragon towels laid out to dry on the front porch

In the fall it's...
buckets of freshly picked peaches covering my buffet
pulling acorns out of little pants pockets before they go through the wash
pumpkins adorning every surface that will hold still

But no matter the season, it's waking up in a cozy white cloud of a bed every morning to three handsome faces and rolling over to snuggle them.


jeanine said...

You have reminded me {after a hard weekend with the boys} why I love motherhood. Thank you!

Joan said...

I can relate to the snuggling three handsome faces part...and I think its my very favorite :)

Anonymous said...

Is that a family tree framed on your mantle? I've been wanting to do one of those since I saw something similar on Martha Stewart's website. If it is that, could you perhaps do a post on how you did it?

Liz said...

Yes, Please tell us about your awesome family tree on the mantle.

Megan said...

I like how you had a photo of yourself reading with your boys...since you mentioned the lack of "mothering" photos in your life. But I also like how you broke it down into seasons since I just recently started to feel the new season coming on. Yay for Home! Isn't it interesting how we each can decide what HOME means to us?