Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Is... {the first in a series}

Home is the definition of God; a place of infinite power.
:: Emily Dickinson

We like to keep "Home" a central theme at Bloom. We thought it would be neat to see what some other blog friends have to say about Home - what it feels, looks, and smells like; what it is to them. We are so excited about the line up of guests that will be contributing to this series; we think you'll love them. Anne and I will get things started and then we'll have a steady stream of wonderful guests sharing their thoughts on the matter all through the Fall. We hope this will inspire you to document the essence of your own "home" - seems it may be an ever-evolving concept that would be fun to capture periodically.

I hemmed and hawed over how to express this - my feelings about home - they're so big and deep and tender. I played around with words, but nothing felt right. This still doesn't feel like enough...but I think it gives a glimpse.

Home: A Photo Essay

Home is toys in the tub; the leftovers of bathtime

Home is a chair pulled up to the counter; proof that the little people helped

Home is Henry's blankie
And Lily's bink
And the search for both at bedtime.

Home is two little bed heads at the bar, hungry for breakfast and a new day's adventure.

Home is knowing he's close by

Home is his handwriting

Home is her joy

Home is evidence of their creative play
(a barricade of "mean guys" to keep Nana from leaving)

Home is Photo Booth jollies late at night

Home is his hands

Her eyes

His lips

Home is savoring 9:00 pm quiet. Loving the sound of ... nothing
and the timid shuffle of morning feet, the daily indication that it's seven-something; time to start again.



Melissa said...

I love your photo essay. The images are powerful. Nicely done!

Sue said...

When I read someone's thoughts of what home is to them, I usually get a lump in my throat for what I missed as a child.....however, later on created it for myself, my husband and my children. The past and the pain inflicted doesn't necessarily have to dictate how we create "home" the rest of our lives. Your words and your photo's show the souls of home, your home! I was so touched by your photo essay that I have decided to create one for my family...I tenderly thank you :-)

A Bride In Boots said...

Absolutely adoring this post about "home." Makes me realize what a great blessing our homes are - especially the people in them!

Danielle said...

This is so timely, as I was just thinking about you and your home yesterday. I was thinking about how you seem to have a knack for always having a home that feels orderly and neat and warm and homey no matter if you are living in an old basement or new house. I have been struggling with feeling warmth and order during this chaotic remodel, and keep giving myself the excuse that its impossible since we are living in a why bother trying, and then I thought of your little basement in the tree streets, and how nice you made it feel with your little touches and realized it is possible!

Jesslyn said...


Lindsay said...

As I was reading this my 1 year old walked up and laid her sweet head in my lap. "Home!" Nowhere else I'd rather be.

duck said...

very sweet.

Joan said...

Sigh. Could not have said it any better myself (which really isn't saying much--haha). Perfect way to start the series. Thanks Em.

Abbie said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Hayley said...

I'm crying reading. And all of these pictures define what "home" really is. Wonderful, wonderful post!