Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knock-Off Wood

Remember when I wrote about improving my front porch and professed my love for real wood furniture? Did you see that one of our lovely readers, Malinda, left a comment with a link to a blog called Knock-Off Wood? Maybe you've seen it before, but this blog was new to us, and we fell in love.

In fact, my husband, Taylor, read the post and comments at work that day, and came home absolutely giddy. "Did you see that Knock-Off Wood site?! I want to make everything on it!" (Not that he is a carpenter, or that we own anything besides a drill and saws-all...)

Here's what is so great about Ana White, the creator of the blog: She finds inspiration from places like Pottery Barn, draws up detailed instructions, gives you an exact list of what to buy at the hardware store, and breaks down the total cost for you. Awesome.

Some of our favorites:

The Adirondack chairs

The Outdoor Storage Bench

The Double Lounger

And those are all outdoor furniture. You should see her indoor stuff....

So maybe you aren't a wood working expert. Neither are we. But I'm seriously not going to be surprised if Taylor comes home with some major power tools one of these days...

Enjoy Ana's site. (Aren't you amazed with her skills?!)


Alicia said...

I just posted about this site on my blog! We made the kid's kitchen. It turned out awesome! My next project is the picnic table from pallets.

Here's a link to the kitchen:

(normally I don't link, but this is actually relevant!)

Jolena said...

I love this blog! I found it about six months ago and spent all summer making furniture for my apartment. This is such easy stuff to make and I totally recommend anyone that wants to try furniture building to use Ana's plans. I had never built a piece of furniture in my life and picked right up on her directions. They are amazing! I've blogged about the projects I did on my blog,, if anyone wants to see some of them done. I figured out that for about $300 I built a coffee table, 2 end tables, a console table, six kitchen chairs, and 2 nightstands for my bedroom. Can you believe that?! I did buy a miter saw as well for about $250 and a sander for $60. Those will last forever though. There's something so cool about making your own furniture.

Rachel O. said...

Uhhh, in a word? AWESOME!!! :)

Zem Karlos said...

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