Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Changes to your Decor for Less Than $100

We're happy to have Kirsten at Bloom again today. Today she's sharing 5 changes you can make to your decor for $100 or less. Enjoy!

1. Paint Anything

You've probably heard it before but it's so true. Paint is the best and cheapest way to make the most impact in your space. Paint a bathroom, a feature wall or a piece of furniture. Buy samples so you can test out different colors. If you've been dragging your feet on deciding on a paint color just pick one and go for it! If you hate it you can repaint it and if you love it then you've just made a huge change for the better in your home.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometime my clients just need me to come in and rearrange things until we get it just right. I can usually come into a room and get a feel for what is "off". Ask your friends what they think of how things are arranged. They might have some great tips. Get a strong guy or girl to help you move things around. Try things you wouldn't normally do like pulling your furniture off the walls and more into the center of the room. This makes your room feel more cozy.

3. Hang Your Curtain Rods Higher

This is a great trick to transforming your room. So many people just hang their rods right above their window. I hang my rods about 6 inches above the window. This makes your windows appear much grander and makes your room feel taller. Try it and you'll see what I mean!

4. Purchase Something Graphic!

Graphic objects really capture people's attention and jump out at you in a room. Just buy one or two graphic accessories to place in your room. It will change it instantly.

5. Create an Art Wall.

If you have a giant blank wall the best way to decorate it is to either purchase one large (and sometimes expensive) piece of art or to create a collection of smaller items. The above project is in my master bedroom. I took a calendar and framed the prints in cheap frames that I bought at Big Lots. The project cost me $70 and makes such a difference in my room! You can do this with a calendar, pages from a favorite book, or great etsy art.

I hope this helps you make a few changes around your home and may I just add that one of the biggest changes you can make in your home for under $100 is to hire a designer! The majority of designers will charge less than $100 for an initial consultation. One hour with a designer could open your eyes to multiple possibilities in your home!

Think you might need some designer advice? Check out Kirsten's services.


Natalie said...

Kirsten, I'm pretty sure I need that bench in the first photo. Where did you get the picture from?

Jenny said...

Great ideas and I too love that bench!

Kirsten Krason said...

The bench is from a company called Somerset bay and can be purchased through Alice Lane Home Collection.

the 30 girl said...

These are great ideas! A few months ago, I purchased a vintage botanical sketch book at a used bookstore for $17.00. I've used several prints in an art wall in my family room using $10 Ikea frames. It's been such a cheap thrill! Plus, I have tons of book plates leftover for gifting and redecorating!

Bloom said...

Love all these ideas. (Who knew about the curtain rods?!)

I seriously need to spend my $100 on your advice in my awkward, awkward living room. We will talk!


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using calendars for art. We buy a calender that is made in the Bahamas every year. I love the painting of the islands. I never thought to pull out my favorites and frame them.

Ashley said...

these tips are awesome !! Thanks!!!

pam@pixelimpress said...

great tips kirsten. i worked on #4 with my sister this weekend. urging to buy JUST ONE graphic pillow. she's sooo traditional....


Joan said...

I'm with Natalie: that bench is gorgeous! What a find :)
Thanks for the tips.

Lavender and Lilies said...

Great tips! I need an art wall.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Great tips! I really love number 3. Hang curtain rods higher.

Jessica said...

I loved all of these ideas and pictures. It's so fun and easy to make changes to your decor. I just posted about re-decorating my house on my blog. Check it out sometime:

Jenn said...

Great idea to use a calendar to create art for your master bedroom. Another affordable way to change the look of your decor is to turn your favorite family photos into canvas art.

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academic said...

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