Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cute * Simple * Cheap * Photo Display Ideas

Now that all mankind has a digital camera we're all taking more pictures than we were a decade ago, no?
Sometimes displaying them becomes problematic. Some prints are enlarge&frame-worthy. But some are just cute enough to pin up for a short while. And what to do with all those 4x6 proofs that came with your recent photo shoot?
Frames are expensive (and who really frames 4x6 prints?) and changing their contents is tedious, here are five low-cost alternatives for creative photo display:

1. A clothesline of snapshots

I made this with a length of twine and 5 mini clothes pins - all of which I pulled from my craft closet one afternoon. I love the ease of changing out the pictures and how it's kind of organic in its simplicity.

2. Upholstered photo board. Cover a cork cork board or foam project board and hang it on your wall. Attach photos with push pins. I chose a neutral white on white stripe as my background fabric - you could be much more whimsical.

3. Do you remember Jordan's photo wall? We loved the idea.

She just gathered photographs that were unified by color or tone - some of kids, some of objects or landscapes - printed them on regular photo paper, then trimmed one side to even out the borders. Then she taped (!) them to the wall.

4. Kate's photo mobile

She got hers at a local boutique, but you can find something similar HERE.


5. And Kate's Photo collage wall (a la NieNie)

Same concept as Jordan's, really - just not so linear.

So many things to do with so many photos!


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We live in a Zoo! said...

Great ideas! You could also get a piece of sheet metal and attach it to the wall (similar to the cork board) then use magnets to hang up the pictures. Using tacks at my house it too dangerous ;D

Melissa said...

This is so fun. I usually use frames that I've found at 1/2 price sales. But still, they are expensive. I love the idea of the poster/foam board. We did a huge one for each of my in-laws' funerals. They were such loving grandparents that a photo collage of them with their granddaughters seemed appropriate. The people who came to the funeral LOVED it. Mom and Dad looked so happy in the photos, and that's just how we wanted to remember them.

Christina said...

I love all the ideas!

I'll shop at thrift stores and yard sales for frames - usually I can get nicer, heavier styles and then paint them whatever color I want.

Catherine said...

We are not much into printing out the photos, but we have an ongoing screen saver on the computer of all our photos, from way back. It is so fun to watch a random assortment go by, and even the kids get entranced watching them sometimes and trying to guess when they were taken. Works for us. :)

Heather said...

I've been needing some fresh ideas so this is perfect! Thanks!

amelia said...

thanks for the great ideas! i have so many images on my server and need to print more for display. my kids love seeing themselves and each other - especially when they were babies. i'm inspired :)

discounted photo paper said...

Great ideas. I really envy people with great artistic skills.

Rachael and Leah said...

Great ideas - I love to hang pictures. Check out our blog today - DIY canvas print pictures.

aliah said...

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