Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As Inspired By Bloom: Aprons, White T's, Seeds, and Snacks

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Remember the Everyday Chic Giveaway? Mickie won the apron kit, and look how darling she is when she bakes cookies now!
Nice work, Mickie! (Get your own apron kit here.)

Remember during Best-Of Week, when I asked for your help finding a great white T? You threw out all sorts of great suggestions. I am trying them out and reporting back. So far, my favorite suggestion came from Kari, who tipped me off to the banded-bottom V-necks from Kohl's.

Here's why I love them:
Thick enough to wear without a cami underneath? check.
Long? check.
Stretchy? check.
Not a million dollars? check.

They come in several colors, and though they are regularly priced at $12, they are pretty much always on sale for $6.99. $6.99? Are you kidding me? They are in the junior's department, so get one size larger than you would in the women's department. Check them out here. And, don't worry, it's your lucky day, I even have photos of myself acting as a T-shirt model.
Here I am with my friend, Lisa, in L.A. Check out that great white T.

See how nice and long? I looove it. Thanks, Kari!

Sometimes we get comments/e.mails from you all thanking us for the inspiration you receive from Bloom. We just wanted to let you know that you're not the only ones who feel inspired by this little corner of the ether. We do too! Of course we don't make every craft, try every recipe or carry out every activity - but we do take ideas and energy from this community and we're making small efforts to make our own lives more purposeful, magical and delicious!

Like seed planting on Earth Day.
And keeping fresh, healthy snacks on hand for my family.

Thanks for being part of this!

Did you do something as inspired by Bloom? Let us know! We want to share it!


Savannah said...

I made the birthday garland back in March to decorate the dining room for my husband's birthday. It was so cute, and easy to make! Especially considering I don't really sew. The pattern could be made in all different hues and for all different occasions. Love it!

The Parkers said...

Glad to hear you finally found the perfect white T. I will have to check that one out. I also wanted to mention another T-shirt that I just discovered that I thought you might also like. It's at H&M. Scoopneck, long, not too thin, lots of different colors, and cheap. I think they're about $7 each or a 2-pack is $13. I've been living in it lately.

Thanks for all the daily inspiration here! So glad I found this little community!

Abbie said...

I've been looking for v-neck shirts every where! Thank you.

Kayli said...

So, may I ask what size you got? I can't go try on- I'm a fairly slended girl, but it's always different whether you want a sm or med, so should I go with large for these since they're junior?