Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have no problem buying generic, as long as it's comparable in quality to the name brand, I'll keep the $.89 price difference thankyouverymuch. My experience with generics has been hit and miss, though. Some generics are virtually indiscernable from their pricier counterparts, while others are noticeably inferior. Target's generic (the Up & Up brand) is yet to disappoint me. I use their diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, mouthwash...the list goes on. I love it.

What I want to know from you is:

What generic brands do you trust?
What products do you buy generic?
What things do you insist on buying name brand?



Rachael said...

Very important thing to know about generics: most food items are cheaper because they are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. I've found that overall most "name brands" don't have the nasties in them, but the generics do.

In other words, I used to buy all generics--but now I read labels very, very, very carefully, and usually end up going with name brands for food.

danielle said...

I bought Target generic powdered sugar the other day and the frosting I made with it was totally gritty and disgusting. I think they add more corn starch or something. I definitely noticed a difference.

Also...if you are in to couponing, there are usually way more coupons for name brand things so if you go that route they can end up being a lot cheaper (especially if you buy a lot at once). That being said....I try to stay away from packaged processed foods as much as possible, but its great to stock up on staples that way.

I love the up and up brand too. I buy generic over the counter medicine.

Melissa said...

I was told that drug store make-up was the same as the brand names in department stores, but for much less. I have switched to drug store brand mascara and eye shadow, but there are certain things like loose powders or blushers that are very different. Name brands work better for me on those products, but they are pricier.

The one thing I insist on buying name brand of is over-the-counter remedies. When I was pregnant, I was told I could use Sudafed if I needed to, but only the name brand. The generic had some extra stuff in it that wasn't good for baby. That kinda freaked me out. So if I buy cold or allergy stuff, or even pain remedies, I usually pay the extra few bucks for the name brand, especially if it's for my kids.

Good to know about the food Rachael. I didn't know that.

Jesslyn said...

Rachael is right about the food! I also read the labels carefully. Learned that lesson when I made the mistake of buying Western Family corn syrup for some holiday baking... it was mostly water! Terribly runny and I immediately took it back to the store. Karo only on that one!
I recently bought generic Lavender Night Time Baby Wash on sale and it smelled TERRIBLE! Johnson & Johnson only on that one.

Kirkland diapers at Costco? Awesome! Their Tencel wipees? Great!

Anna said...

i love everything about the up and up brand at target, I've used the diapers/wipes since my first was born!

jess said...

I love the up and up wipes as well...and most of walmart's great value food items are decent.

The Parkers said...

I also love Target's UP & UP brand. I buy everything possible for the brand and never think twice about it. The diapers are so much cheaper and every bit as good as name brands. Same goes with body wash, TP, and sunscreen. I also have found that Albertson's brand has pretty good tasting food compared to the name brand. In fact, we love their frozen waffles even more than Eggos for their chewier thicker texture and flavor. I think Kirkland brand at Costco can't fail either. I have never found an item from them that has disappointed and I love how they put out unique products as well.

I think anytime you are buying processed food, whether it be name brand or generic, you have to be careful of artificial ingredients. I am a big fan of generic in many cases, especially canned goods or with non-food items. If you can save the money and not even notice the difference, why not? The savings can really add up.

Ria said...

Looks like I need to start shopping at Target for generic...

For tissue, the only brand for us is Puffs Plus. It is stronger and softer than anything else I've tried. Doesn't hurt your nose like other brands do.

I always buy generic pain killer. Not big on generic cake mixes but Albertson's brownie mix is okay if you throw in some chocolate chips which add just a little moisture. We prefer generic store brand refrigerated pie crusts over Pillsbury.

Emma Jo said...

Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet paper, Kraft Parmesan Cheese and Eggo waffles MUST be those brands...pretty much everything else can be generic for me.

Jenny said...

i am a HUGE up & up fan! i happen to be slightly obsessed with target anyway, so i love that i can buy almost anything generic when i am there and be fairly confident in it.

Andrea said...

I also second to what Rachael said about reading the labels very, very, very carefully.

I bought generic marshmallows once and, even though the ingredients were the same as the name brand, my husband broke out in hives from eating a small handful of them. He's never done that with any kind of food before or since then.

It wasn't worth saving 20 cents when I had to run to the store to buy Benadryl anyways!

I've always been more hesitant about buying generic since then (especially marshmallows).

Tara said...

Love anything from Costco's Kirkland Signature line. I also buy generic medicine anytime it is available. I haven't found the active ingredients to be different yet.

jeanine said...

I'm usually all for generics... but there are a few items that I ALWAYS get the name brand (in the past I didn't and was sorely disappointed).
I always buy C&H brown sugar... it doesn't tend to get hard lumps.
I always buy Crisco... I've never tried an off brand but I'm a big pie maker... and I'm not going to risk wrecking a pie to save a few cents.
I splurge and get Tilamook cheese. I didn't for a long time because it's so expensive. Then one day I was visiting my parents and had some again and remembered how GOOD it was!

Alissa said...

OJ. Got to be Tropicana. But I'm all over generic medicine, prescription or OTC.

Joan said...

1. Em will second the Tilamook cheese, for sure! Right, Em? :)
2. I prefer Kirkland brand wipes and diapers over ANY other big brand.
3. Wet and Wild brand liquid eyeliner is the best. It's 2.99 and most other brands are 7 bucks and up.
4. NEVER buy generic brownie mixes! Worst decision of my life.
5. I'm good with buying generic t.p., paper towels, and other paper goods in general.

Magen said...

I have to say that I'm a Walmart Brand girl. It's super cheap and I'm overall really impressed. They also have a lot of organic products which is really surprising. I have used their diapers for both of my girls and I swear by them. I have heard they don't work as well for boys though.