Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More handmade Christmas Gifts

Hooray! Sally is back with another handful of awesome and totally doable handmade gift ideas!

The hardest part about making handmade gifts for the men in my life was simply coming up with an idea. The hardest thing about making gifts for the women close to my heart was deciding which idea to use. The possibilities are endless. (I heart the Internet!)

One of the first handmade Christmas gifts I ever made was for my sister. It was a pink hat and scarf that I made using my knifty knitter. There is still a family joke from that gift that someone always brings up at family get togethers, but I still think it was a great gift idea. And, anyone can do it. Really, if you have two hands you can make a hat. This year, I pulled out my knifty knitter once again, but this time I pinned on a fun red flower with a button in the center.

Another gift that even the kids can make is stretchy bracelets. All you need is some stretch cord and beads, both found at places like Hobby Lobby and Michael's. My only advice for making these is to buy the smaller diameter cord and then use two strands instead of one. It seems to make the bracelet stronger. Translation- my 2 year old can't rip them off my wrist.
The directions: String some beads, then tie a good knot.

Get creative with these. Make one big chunky one...

Or a couple smaller ones that stack together.

Who says hooded towels are just for baby shower gifts? My kids would love to get one of these, which unfortunately they are not. Maybe next year.

So, these really are as easy as everyone says. I followed this tutorial, but stopped after step #4 and jumped over to Joni's tutorial on embellished kitchen towels to add the fabric up front, then hopped back over and finished up steps 5-8. So simple! And don't you think some appliqued flowers would look darling on this towel as well?

And finally, this handbag has become my go to handmade gift. You do need to have some basic sewing knowledge, but it is simple enough that you can make it in a couple of hours. The pattern is from Heather Bailey, and honestly I had a hard time at first spending $12 on it, but it has been worth every penny. This is the third one I've made and I'm having a really hard time giving it away.

Did I mention it's reversible!

So, that's all the pictures I have for you but here are a two other things that I think would also make great gifts.

Etched glass jars. I really wanted to make these, but I ran out of time

Sleep masks I'm making these on Friday with our young women at church

Happy gift making!


Joan said...

I would have to say NO to giving that purse away! haha. KEEP IT! :) Well, unless you want to give it me?!
It is darling and has Heather Bailey written all over it (she has such a fresh, happy style).
Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, Sally. Merry Christmas!

Jenn Shideler said...

Wow, I LOVE the bag! (not that I didn't love the first two as well!) They are all great ideas. Thanks for inspiring me to make handmade gifts too! I'm really excited about it.

Jesslyn said...

SWEET! I've been wanting a good tutorial for hooded towels. My 2 year old loves them but has outgrown her baby ones. Now I know my post-Christmas project. :)

Bloom said...

I love the bracelets, because they are something kids could totally do, and they are still classy and wearable, you know?

I'm in love with that handbag, too! I wonder if my measly sewing skills could handle it?

And fun idea about the sleep masks! I'll have to do that with our yw!


Laura said...

I made hooded towels for all the kids and cousins this year (whew!), but they were super easy, I just used a hand towel cut in half for the hood, so mine have pointy tops, kinda look like little nomes! I also added embelishments, made from the extra hand towel material and extra washclothes. I cut out some daisys and a different colored center, also some kids got initials and some of the boys got stars. Really cute in the end, my daughters LOVE them. They also were them as superhero capes occasionally! I want to try making pom-poms to go on the pointy tops, that would just be perfect!

And I LOVE the purse also!