Thursday, December 3, 2009

Handmade Thanks {from scraps}

This is a nice time of year for sending serendipitous thank you notes. And if you're a paper lover like myself, you probably have piles of small scraps laying around which make perfect embellishments for handmade notes. This is so simple, it hardly merits posting about, but it's a fun way to make custom cards without fancy photo-shop/graphic design skills. And did I mention that I love the idea of using scraps?

I try to have blank cards, envelopes and stamps on hand at all times - makes note-writing much likelier to get done. You can buy blank stationary sets at craft stores. I bought two 50-piece sets (with envelopes) last year for just over six dollars a piece - that's 100 card/envelope sets for about $13.00; pretty economical considering that last week I spent $8.00 on twenty two not-that-cute, pre-made cards (I had oodles of thank yous to write for all the help we received with our move.)

First, I print a page of text with an assortment of greetings:

T h a n k Y o u, L o v e N o t e, L o v e Y o u,

T h a n k s, T h i n k i n g O f Y o u, H a p p y D a y

Then I go to work creating little collages of prints, solids, and text.
I like to adhere the pieces with double stick photo-mounting squares. A glue stick works, too.

A little stack makes a nice gift - a ready supply of cute cards is such a handy thing to have around.

I've seen similarly collaged cards done with scraps of fabric. Instead of using glue as your adhesive, you'd want to use fusible webbing (an iron-on adhesive) to secure your fabric to the paper.

Love these whimsical ornaments:

And these apples are sweet and simple:

So, there you have it. A few simple ways to personalize a thank you note.
Whether you use fabric or paper, a store-bought stack, a handmade note or a 3x5 card - it really doesn't matter. The most important thing is the expression of thanks.

The thing I'd love most is for this post to inspire us all to take a minute to slow down and pen a few lines of thoughtful gratitude during the busy Holiday season; if you have fun prettying up the paper - well, that's just icing.


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Mathilde said...

Em is too humble. I was the very lucky recipient of some of Em's gorgeous card and they are priceless. BIG HUG Em..

jen said...

these are beautiful.i can't remember the last time i actually bought a premade card - i just can't when they are 3 bucks a piece these days! thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have left a message on a blog of someone I don't know. I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed Bloom and I think you two ladies are doing a wonderful job. Thanks!

Sally said...

So cute. I will take a handmade card over a store bought one any day.

Joan said...

I WISH I had scraps THAT darling sitting in my craft closet :( I have been lazy and excessively cheap with my cards lately...ex: Michael's has "one dollar" baskets filled with random items and I always buy the 6/8 pack of cards for one dollar. I should get my act together and make them darling like yours :)
Thank you for the inspiration, Em.

LJ said...

really pretty. getting a hand-made card in the mail is a rarity these days. but, you've inspired me to send something nice to some of my favorite people. thank you!

Abbie said...

I love these! Beautiful! Oh, PAPER! Is there anything better? I really could look at beautiful paper for hours.