Friday, November 27, 2009

Contest Revisited: Your Everyday Photos

Oh my. Looking back through these pictures made me nostalgic for our photo contest - it was so fun to see the moments you submitted to represent your "everyday." Thanks again to everyone who participated. I think we need to do something like it again. Soon?
*In case you weren't around back then, here's a peek at the finalists and runners up

Here are more examples of your everyday photos submitted for the photo contest (I linked if I knew where to link to)...

"Breakfast" from Anna

"here's a snap shot of my 3 year old during quiet time. he reads the
nintendo game booklets cover to cover. hilarious! this one was good
enough to sleep on apparently." - from Sarah

"My little Olivia B. was anxiously awaiting a playdate with Olivia C.,
who only comes into town once in a while, and drew this picture to
help pass the time. I love the phonetic "K", and the careful symmetry
of the names. ("Bolivia" just makes me giggle!)" - from Trina B.

I left her alone for a few minutes and she got her hands on her sister's
preschool artwork (colored rocks)! - from Kira

"Everyday Lucy" - from Lori

"Boys Playing Preschool"

"Cookie" - from Lindy

"Here is my everyday, every minute, every thought...
My 4 month old baby girl Denali. I love being a mom for the very first time."
- from Savannah

"This where I begin and end everyday... it is where I pray. Prayer is the essence of my day.
I pray throughout the day. It helps me through daily struggles, helps me recognize beauty,
helps me express gratitude, joy and love!" - from Danette

"I snapped this picture of my dad with Asher while we were out walking. Asher was so happy to have Grandpa holding him. It turns my heart into a little puddle to see my baby with my daddy."
- from Katrina

- from Jamee
* jamee, do you have a 16 month old? I have this scene at my house everyday, too :)

"This is my 13 month old, Oliver. I took him outside to keep him happy during the "witching hour" before Daddy came home. His diaper is sagging and the lawn needs some work, but the sun in shining and my son is happy! That is the essence of my everyday life." - from Katie

"The repetition of my life, yet I never weary of it. A forced pause in my day's routine and an interruption to my night's sleep, but I never resent it. He and I revolve around one another, each within the other one's gravity, symbiotic." - from Barb

"This is the essence of everyday happiness for me: roaming the springtime woods with my children, marveling at all the new greenery, laughing at the squirrels, and with a bag of "duck bread" clutched firmly in a chubby fist as we walk towards the lake." - from Rachael

"My 2-year-old wears costumes on and off all day. He'll have me help him get dressed up and then tell me "I'm spiderman" or "I'm bird" or "I'm cowboy". Once I acknowledge that he'll take it all off and tell me "I'm James" as if he had fooled me." - from Jeanine

"This is a torn book. My oldest son is the size of a three year old with a mind of a one year old. One of his favorite things is the sensation of tearing/ripping paper. Unfortunately, this involves books. He can destroy books. Even those chunky board books that are built to last longer around little children. Because of this, we don’t always invest in books or try to read to our children as much as we might want to. But I still love him and we still try and this photo represents not only our struggles, but also the beauty of our everyday. Who knew that a ripped book could actually be beautiful?" - from Megan H.

"This was the morning of his 3rd birthday, a beautiful Sunday morning. And I just got done telling him happy birthday and how much I love him!"

"End of summer splash!"
- from Sarah H.


sarah said...

love these! i'm inspired to take more photos of normal things around here. there are so many thing i want to remember!

Katrina said...

very fun to see all these! thanks for posting them!

duck said...

what a joy to see everybody's "everyday" thanks for showing us more! I loved that little contest, and remembering to love and revel in the everyday

Daron and Jamee said...

I love that you are posting pics from the contest again! It's so refreshing to others and their everyday lives!


Joan said...

The boy with the lawnmower makes me happy..and the sweet baby nursing (or so it seems) makes me ache for a babe in my life.
Such lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing them with us Em & Anne..and everyone who participated! :)

Katie said...

Ahhh, there is my little Oliver. Enjoyed seeing all the photos.