Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Capturing the Essence of Everyday: A Challenge, A Contest & A Prize

I love the philosophy behind "Seeing the Everyday":

"a magazine dedicated to revealing the effect and
importance of the seemingly small moments of life."

I guess, as a person who really loves most of my days, I am enchanted by the idea of "capturing the essence of everyday life." That's been my chief blogging objective for three years of personal blogging. Keeping with the theme of Mimi's post yesterday, we're going to be featuring posts this week that focus on capturing the everyday moments of life. In conjunction with this, we thought it would be really fun to have a photo contest.

Here's what we envision:

You keep your camera close by this week.

Capture a moment that is in some way indicative of the essence of your everyday life. (Or choose one that you've captured in the past.)

Send us the image (just one, please) by this Friday evening. You may include a caption/explanation of 50 words or less.

Please don't be discouraged if you don't have a fancy camera; we're more interested in the moment than the photograph.

We will select and display our top five favorite photos (at least) and a winner will be chosen from the selected finalists on Monday, October 12th.

Here's the fun part: The winner will receive a one year subscription to Seeing the Everyday.
A million thanks to the folks at Seeing The Everyday for such a beautiful, appropriate prize; we hope you'll help us spread the word about it.

For tips on capturing everyday moments, you might want to click over to Take Out Photo and read this interview with Brad Slade, photographer for Seeing the Everyday.
Among other things, Slade talks about turning off your flash, finding the beauty that is everywhere, and the photograph at the top of this post of his mother canning peaches, which I think is so, so lovely.

Go read the article. It's educational and inspiring and beautiful. Then go capture the kinds of moments Slade talks about and send them to us at aplacetobloom AT gmail DOT com. We're excited to see what you get.

-- Emily


The Ramptons said...

Hey girls, I am lovin' the blog. So, is this the magazine that Aunt Sharon loves? She showed it to me when I was there a couple weeks ago and was going to show you gals. It looks really neat if it is the same one. Love to you both.

Joan said...

Yes, Bec. It is the one she showed us. I LOVE it. The layout, pictures, messages, right down to the texture of the paper is lovely.
I'm excited to enter the contest. Although I have a hard time believing having a lame camera won't work against me. Maybe I'm just finding excuses to have a fancier one :)

Bloom said...

Joan, I totally have an old, 'lame' camera, too. I hear ya. But sincerely, we are looking at content. Can't wait to see your entry!

Hillary said...

I feel so inspired every time I read a post on BLOOM! THANKS!