Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkins, pumpkins!

Pretty much, we are smitten with pumpkins here at the blue house. The bulk of my autumn/Halloween decorating is some sort of variation on the pumpkin theme. Everything I've done this year is super simple (and quite inexpensive--everything pictured here totals about $20), so I wanted to share my latest pumpkin ideas...

1. Doorstep. Obviously this isn't a new idea. ('Duh, Anne,' you're thinking.) But what I want to emphasize here is the great variety you can find. Such great shapes, sizes and colors! Blaine chose the greenish/gray one, and it is awesome (and weighs about as much as me)!

2. With your dishes/vases/cake plates/etc. On my (free on the roadside!) buffet are all pumpkins that were home grown (either by us or my mother). I had so much fun using them to accent the stuff I already had. (If there is one thing my mother taught me about home decorating, it is to use the stuff you already have.)

3. Glitter pumpkins. Oh, glahry! I love these! I saw the idea on Martha Stewart's website three years ago, bought the glitter two years ago, and finally got my pumpkins glittered this year! The directions on Martha's site are great. (See HERE.)

A few notes:
Your young children can totally do these. The red and gold ones pictured here were done by my 3-year-old boy and my 7-year-old niece.

The superfine glitter is available through Martha's Michael's line.

I wish I had done 'funkins' instead. It's enough mess and the glitter is pricey enough that I wish I could keep these around. Next year...

Here's a fun close-up shot.

4. Pumpkins and pots. This is from an idea I saw once in Better Homes & Gardens. I love the earthy look of the terracotta pots (and most of us have some lying around, right?). This year I went for some extra funky pumpkins and squash, which I love. Last year it was a little more traditional (see here).

I hope you can find a great local pumpkin patch! Happy Harvest!

(More fun pumpkin ideas? Let us know!)

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Jenn Shideler said...

I started a sort of craft blog just for fun so that people could post the fun stuff they make. Just recently we've had a lot of people post pumpkin decorations. My sister also did glitter pumpkins, and then a friend did pumpkins out of wood blocks and a pumpkin book. To check those idea's out go to notsocraftycrafts.blogspot.com. They are really cute!

Joan said...

Anne, so where are your hanging heads? What kind of Halloween is this?!
Okay, I'm totally being sarcastic (obviously) b/c the other day I walked by a house that scared the pee right out of me! It had a bloody shower curtain hanging in the entry with five bleeding zombie heads dangling. Let me tell you..I REAALY wanted to meet those folks. "Hi, Marilyn Mansen? Can we be friends?" ha ha ha. Not so much.
I think I would prefer to enter your home. Well done on the decor...the geniousness of it is that you can keep it all through Thanksgiving. You are so clever...and classy :)