Monday, January 10, 2011

Knock Knock! Home tour with Joan Koplin

We couldn't think of a better home to tour at the beginning of a new year than the home of Joan Koplin. Every time I visit her home I am astounded at how crisp and clean it feels. Her house is the epitome of organized and clutter free, with style to boot. Thanks for having us over, Joan!

(Remember Dana's D-I-Y acorn wreath? Don't you love the colors Joan chose for hers?)

How do you keep your house neat/tidy/free of clutter? You are so organized. How do you do it?

Let me make one thing very clear: my house is not always tidy. I don't pretend to have a clutter free home...but I am one of those strange people whose sanity is irrevocably connected to a clean home. With that being said, balance is the key because what child wants a neurotic mother hurriedly cleaning up behind them everywhere they go?! I have a few areas in my home that I allow to be messy any/all the time. One of those places is a closet under the stairs. I recommend finding a place in your home that is semi tucked away, if possible, that you can allow your children to play and keep messy. I tell my boys there are rooms in the house that are Mom's and that need to stay fairly organized/free of toys and that they have their own space to make a mess/play. Ultimately, children need to make mess/play/be creative and that's okay. I attempt to keep the rule of "let's clean up this mess before we start a new activity, okay?" That helps keep the mess to a minimum (usually).

In terms of organization, it is an ongoing effort. The bills, papers from school, lego pieces, nerf gun bullets, candy wrappers, and crumbs never go away. The way I combat the onslaught of "stuff" is by regularly throwing away/donating/recycling things so that I don't spend my days putting things away that we don't even need or care about. Keep what you use and pass on the rest.

Did you make those fabric canvases? How did you do those?

My husband actually made the frames and covered them with canvas himself (so crafty and clever) for my birthday a few years ago. He bought some one by twos, cut them flat (no angles involved) and put them together with a staple gun. Then he wrapped them with canvas material purchased at a fabric store. In the past I've painted them various colors and have settled on the loud patterns that you currently see...but its a great way to switch up the art in your home. You find a new fabric you like--buy it, wrap, and staple it to your frames. It changes the whole look of the room for very little money.

Tell us about that cool yellow canvas above your bed!

I'm glad you asked because the yellow canvas has a story. My husband found a large, painfully hideous painting in the dumpster of our friend's apartment building. It even had a tear in it. His eyes were filled with the possibilities of the 1980's pastel painting and all I saw was garbage. It sat in our garage for six months when I had an epiphany (I know I'm being mildly dramatic here)...all I need to make that horrendous excuse for a painting into something desirable is a few yards of fun fabric and a staple gun! So, that's the story. I found the yellow material at IKEA, no less, and with a few dozen staples, WHA-LA!


Where do you get your home inspiration?

The style of my home is constantly evolving. I don't feel particularly consistent in the way I decorate. I think that is what makes my home interesting (at least to me). Often I get caught up in worrying about labeling my style and being consistent when really I don't think that matters. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy an uber modern couch flocked with pink flower embroidered pillows from your great grandmother. So, in answer to your question: I'm inspired everywhere I go. I enjoy elements of a variety of home styles, although clean and simple appeals the most. As you can see, IKEA is an integral part of my home. A lot of that has to do with budget, of course but also their mantra is minimalism and making space functional. What's not to like about that?

(Pennant Banner How-To HERE, Embroidery Hoop Art How-To HERE)

Classic Joan, always a realist, included a pic of their game closet to prove that she and her house aren't perfect. Ahh...we love you, Joan! Thanks for inviting us in!


Abbie said...

the last picture is my favorite:)

so clean and tidy and fun. love it!

Kristyn said...

I agree, so clean and uncluttered, my favorite kind of place!

I have loved every one of your home tours!

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I love your sober taste of fashion! please post more photos!