Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2nd Annual Handmade Parade (Day Two)

Welcome to Day Two of the Handmade Parade! Here we go....

Abbie made this art jar for her kids. It's her brilliant, cost effective take on the I'm Not Bored Anymore Jar.

She also made these frames

(more here).

Ricki's been busy! She made a felt dots garland,

a set of bean bags with a list of games, cotton headbands,

animal silhouettes,

and peppermint lip balm (recipe from here).

Rebecca made these darling stockings--one for her daughter and one for her mother-in-law.

Mickie (a self-proclaimed non-sewer) made these sweet dresses for her baby nieces.

Looks like you're a sewer, now! (Mickie used this pattern for the little Mary Janes.)

Michelle made these festive zipper bags and filled them with dark chocolate.

(More info here.)

Katie made these sweet ornaments for her mother and mother-in-law. They are silhouettes of all the grandchildren!

Chris (and her children) made all sorts of gifts this year. Her kids made freezer paper-stenciled shirts (see here).

She made Barbie clothes for her niece (see here) and an apron for her s-i-l (see here.)

She also made these ribbon candy ornaments

and this Happy Birthday banner.

(See even more of Chris's handmade gifts here).

We'll see you back here tomorrow as we wrap up the parade!

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chris said...

So many wonderful gift ideas for next year! Thank you all for sharing.