Monday, December 6, 2010

Ding Dong! Home Tour: Katy Dill

We love home tours at Bloom. Love them a whole lot. We were so excited that Katy was willing to open her doors to us and show us around her wonderfully colorful, whimsical home. Her home's every bit as magical and invigorating as her blog. You're going to love it!

I feel honored to be invited to Bloom today!

Welcome to our home!

We love having people in our home, so this is a fun way of inviting all of you to "come over". We've enjoyed making our house a home over the years, and have changed almost every single surface [walls, floors, fireplace, and counters] since living here.

Our front entryway had peach tile and a very boring brass light fixture.

I cut FLOR carpet squares to lay on top and found this green chandelier on sale from Urban Outfitters that Ryan installed.

Sorry, you have to pay to get a reading of your weight: my grandpa had a coin-operated arcade business years ago that left a garage full of such things as scales and giant Donald Duck rides that now reside with us. My dad gives each grandchild a miniature chair with their name carved on it.

Off to the right come into the kitchen. Last year the kitchen counter laminate really needed replacing, and as we were browsing the neutral options, Ryan finally said, "Katy, just get what you really want." So I went green! I painted the cupboard knobs with some nail polish--the perfect shade I found while visiting my parents in Korea.

People ask if I ever get sick of the countertops, but I can honestly say I have loved them every day since!

Into the living room: The girls did the paintings above the homework table and my sister, Ashley, did the painting on the right.

This is our photo wall that still captures my fascination from wedding photos to the present day.

Our master bedroom--we just had to put on our "winter quilt" we've had since we were first married. I told Ryan I didn't like the pattern anymore, so we flipped it over for a clean, white look. The painting on the right was done by my dad and the photo over the bed was taken almost 2 years ago by Ashley Thalman.

I got this barrel from Ryan's mom who got it from her dad--they used to get inside and roll around in when she was a little girl. Then it was used as storage. There are still dishes inside that we like to pull out every once in a while and rotate through, all I did was paint the metal lids and rims.

This is the art room. I got the letters from a craft store and painted them with a varying hues of orange.

Yes, Donald still works. Usually. If I could only find water storage containers in orange ;).

The azure sky room: I painted this a soothing blue and had chair moulding put up. I painted and glued the wooden dots that mimic the circles on the moulding. Ryan made the stars, but you can get yours here. Artwork done by my dad: "Dancing with Rosemary" and "Holiness to the Lord" plaque. The Van Gogh quote always hung in our home growing up and I asked if I could inherit it. I didn't have to wait, fortunately.

Our book nook where I love to discover Clover studying closely each page of a book. Both rugs were hand hooked by my mom.

The mantle. It used to be a peach colored faux-marble. Actually, it still is, we just had it covered with tiny green tile. And I love it. The giant hibiscus is metal and really heavy. That's probably the only heavy metal we have in our home ;). We bought it at Shrimpfest one year from a traveling artist.

I play the concert grand harp and will start my oldest on the lever harp next year. Our black and white Christmas tree that caused me to send Ryan to the store to get more lights....three times.

Thank you for coming over!


Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

that was fun 'walking' through your house!!! I love, love, love the alphabet kiddie room, what a great idea!

Unknown said...

Oh Katy, I love this peek into your home! It's beautiful! I didn't know you played the harp... we had a harpist play for our wedding, and that was the only music... it was gorgeous! Wish I could hear you play!

Sam said...

what a gorgeous home! How fun! I love that it is so personalized, all the art work has meaning. I love it.

gammy said...

Besides being so beautifully decorated, there is a special peace and love that fills your soul in this home.

Unknown said...

You have lots of great pieces!

Bloom said...

Katy, I love it! I love the color, I love the family artwork, I love that there are a lot of interesting pieces but it's not cluttered. My favorites: your green countertops (I am obsessed with green), the orange alphabet in your art room, your photo wall, and the cool chair in your reading nook. Thanks for letting us in!


Ashley Thalman said...

Katy, I love your house and I love that you are my friend!

White Lily said...

I like how personalized and unique your home is; your personality really comes through in the decorating. I also love that you are raising five girls in that home, full of special art, antiques, and fun nick knacks. I couldn't get away with that in my home...maybe someday, but not now.

I used to think (when I only had one boy) that having nice things and kids in the same home successfully was simply a matter of teaching the kids how to behave toward the home and its things. Now I have three boys and I know better. Perhaps if I had three (or five) girls my former philosophy would hold true. But with all boys I have come to learn that I just have to let some things go, like the idea that boys should be expected to hold in their boyish tendencies everywhere. As long as my boys hold in their wild and rambunctious tendencies elsewhere (church, school, and other people's homes...and they do, for the most part) then I have to let go and allow them to let loose at home. At that means that things get broken and destroyed...constantly.

Big D and Me said...

You have a lovely home but what struck me was how talented your family is!

Raesha D said...

Your home is beyond gorgeous!!! I love love love all the personal art you have and the beautiful things made by your mom and dad. Your dad was my seminary teacher in Albuquerque many years ago....I recently reconnected with him when NieNie did a post about his stars...

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN bursts of colour throughout!!!

Heather said...

Loved the tour Katy!!

Ginna said...

Katy, this just makes me want to come and visit.
I'm also very envious of all the art from your parents in your house-- that holiness to the lord plaque is awesome.
Youguys are just fun, that's all there is to it.