Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Movie Night

Here's a fun idea for a summer party. My friend, Jessie, put on an outdoor movie party for her sister's 15th birthday. It was a blast, and I loved how Jessie made it darling but kept the cost low.

Jessie put up a bunch of twinkle lights, rolled out a red (butcher paper) carpet, set up camp chairs and blankets, and used a giant white sheet for a screen. (If you don't have access to a projector, you could always make it an indoor movie event!)

Jessie kept the food simple. Renting a popcorn maker for $30 was her biggest splurge.There were popcorn cupcakes, too (those are marshmallows on top). (Jessie found these popcorn cupcake cups and a few other perfect decor items at Oriental Trading.)

I adore the old-fashioned look of all the sweets in glass jars and containers... and ice cold soda in a vintage party bucket.

I love how Jessie made most of the decor with cardboard and paint. Low budget perfect.

Whether for a birthday party or another event, it's perfect for a summer night. And there are only so many of those left...

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Joan said...

DAR-LING. What creative, thoughtful ideas. Jessie is one good sister :)