Monday, August 10, 2009


My House: old enough to have a wet bar, not old enough to be charming and vintage.

It’s time to go to the grocery store when we run out of: fruit

Thing on my to-do list that keeps getting procrastinated: this introduction and cleaning my bathroom (toilet scrubbing is a curse).

Favorite bedtime story: The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

According to my husband, the thing that surprised him most about me: how lazy I am in the mornings - it’s true. I’m a hopeless night-owl.

In my head: I am a good dancer and know how to fiddle. In real life: I’m a terrible dancer. And only an average pianist.

In my next life I’d like to: go someplace exotic with my husband before we have children

If money were no object: I’d move my family to a fertile little parcel on the Oregon Coast; we’d have a garden and chickens. I’d take a dance class. And go someplace exotic with my husband. I’d also buy a dress from Boden, a 50 mm lens, bikes for the family, and a pretty cotton nightgown.

Greatest challenges of motherhood: having enough fully-present time with my children each day - not being distracted. Teaching them to work instead of just doing jobs for them (my way and on my schedule). And staying ahead of clutter.

I would describe my taste in music (and most things) as: pedestrian. Behind the trends, with an inclination toward simple, folk, mellow.

Bores my pants off: my time on the treadmill

Cheers me when I’m down: my children, pretty paper and fabric (though I’m a clumsy seamstress)

Favorite thing in the whole world: Lazy Saturday mornings (we don’t have many). Snuggling in bed with Nate and the children. Most pressing issue on our minds: what to make for breakfast.

Most important thing you could know about me: The three people I share my life with (husband - Nate, and children - Henry and Lily) -- they are my heart. My paradise will always be where they are.


Samantha said...

I love that. " My paradise will always be where they are." So beautiful and so true.

Nadia and Jeremy said...

I love Boden too! I just got their catalog in the mail, and I'm in love with their winter coats and scarves. This is going to be such a fun blog...I can't wait to see where it goes.

Alicia said...

This was really well-written. I enjoyed reading! You guys must have an English background. I got an English BA at BYU (graduated in '03) and met Vicky (how I found your blog) in my ward in Bellingham.

Milk & Cookie Party said...

Just found you via Noodlehead and I like you girls a lot. You say very well what my heart thinks.

lindsey. said...

I just discovered Bloom a few weeks ago. My daughter is napping so I am happily catching up on Bloom from the beginning. Emily, The Little House is my absolute favorite story too! And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a dress from Boden. :)

Emilee said...

Emily, it sounds like life is pretty good. I am excited to read your blog here. How is your fam? Are they still in Oregon? You look fantastic as usual!

jenjamin said...

Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing your world and insights.

Regina said...

love what you said about your your blog you girls are wonderful and have a refreshing outlook!! grateful i found you!

Anonymous said...