Monday, August 8, 2011

More from the wedding

A few of my favorite things from the wedding...

Honey jars for the favors (my brother keeps bees, so it's his local honey--love that!) Sara and I covered the lids with Amy Butler fabric and twine.
They were displayed on bee boxes--loved that touch.
My husband, Taylor, made the wedding cake. I loved the 'scraped' look of the butter cream frosting and the local raspberries--such a nice organic look.
To supplement the cake (and we still totally ran out!) I did cupcakes--mini lemons, coconut, these chocolate chocolates,
and my new and improved mint chocolate chip cupcakes (they totally got a makeover--goodbye green food coloring, hello mint leaves! plus the mini chips are a better texture we decided).

Sara and Shane are the most darling newlyweds. We were sad to send them home to Utah!



Lisa said...

I'm so happy for Sara! She looks beautiful and those details are perfect. How much do I love that your physician brother keeps bees as a side hobby? And lastly, I wish I could have you cater a party for me with all your scrumptious cupcakes!!! Yum!

Bridget said...

those chocolate/strawberry cupcakes are making my mouth water! they look delicious and beautiful. what a good idea.

Mary said...

CONGRATS to SARA! What a beautiful bride!