Friday, July 29, 2011

Project Runway Soiree

We've been so excited about Project Runway Season 9, that a couple friends and I had to have an impromptu first episode viewing party about it!

Besides popcorn we munched on...
oreo mini cheesecakes,

chocolate chippers with oreos inside (They are as good as they sound!),

and cake pops shaped like spools of thread (my friend, Jessie, was responsible for these, as well as most of the party's aweseomeness).

We drank soda in glass bottles (always tastes better--seriously though)

with stripey straws.

For decor Jessie whipped up those cute embroidery hoops (see top photo) and had this banner made--so classic PR.

Of course we loved every minute of celebrating the return of Heidi, Tim, Michael, and Nina; wowwing over some of the ingenious designs and rolling our eyes about the hideous ones. So fun!

What about you?
Are you a fan?
Did you watch?
Who do you like so far?
Do you think that girl from Trinidad really just learned to sew? (We think she might be fibbing a little...)

Happy weekend!


stacey said...

the other gals would probably agree with me that it's a good thing you didn't post any pictures of us in our pj's :). we should have definitely had one with you and joan though! oh, and i am STILL full from all the treats.

Bloom said...

cute party!!
so sad to have missed it :(


Katie said...

So fun!! Love love love that show of course! Who doesn't love Tim Gunn? One of the sweetest men alive I would imagine.

No way that girl learned to sew beautiful pants and silk on her own. Liar liar pants on fire!

And why is that one guy claiming mormonism? Please stop already.

Loving that sweet old guy that won. So cute!!

I missed PR soooo much!!

Kate said...

Have it tivo'd at home and can't wait to get there to watch it! (secret: mark is a fan too!) Super jealous of your cute party!!! Way to go Jessie!

Nicole said...

Love Project Runway! Just finished last season on hulu a couple weeks ago and I'll be watching this season on there as well since I don't have cable. Such a fun party! I don't know anyone near me who actually watches it or else I'd totally throw a party too!

Joan said...

I can wholeheartedly confirm that those treats tasted as good as they look! Thanks for the food and fun, Anne and Jessie :)

Natalie said...

I *heart* PR. I don't have a t.v. right now. So enjoy it for me!

I also wanted to mention that I appreciated, so much, the "Learning from Regret" post. I am a first-time mom of a ten-month-old. Unfortunately, there are already times I have squandered being "busy", but I have hope that I can be better. It was a good reminder to make the most of each day with my precious boy. Thank you for the reminder!

Cat Zimmer said...

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I'm bumbed that Rafael was eliminated first... he was shaping up to be pretty hilarious. Really wish I could have some of those treats at your party though!

Danielle said...

argh. why don't we live near each other. I want to come! Cute cute party!

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