Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Love

We are in love.
Sun-drenched with tan lines criss-crossing shoulders and dividing backs from bottoms.
We are perpetually sticky-faced (all those popsicles!)
Stomachs plump with just-right fruit, (the peaches are my favorite), and salads and basil sprinkled over every dish that will allow an herbal garnish.
We've seen a lot of our toes this month -- flip-flops and Salt-Waters and barefeet (my preference).
Our favorite colors are summer-sky blue and sunset orange. And the warmth of the evening light makes us woozy with romance and pleasure.

And one of these evenings we're going to settle our chloriney bodies down and bake up a batch of these key lime bars and we're going to push pause on life. Because summer time is magical. And we want it to stay forever.


Bloom said...

Oh Em, look how cute your feet are in your grown up saltwaters!!


sarita said...

I just made those key lime bars last night for the first time---they are every bit as delicious as they look!

Heather said...

Love how this is written, I could not agree more. Summer is the absolute best. I could probably list 300 things right this second that I love about it!