Friday, June 3, 2011

music / love

nate and i celebrated 8 years on monday. we hiked. and talked. and ate. and held hands and smooched. it was sweet.

i've been listening to love songs all day and smiling about the cute lines:

"so lace your hands 'round the small of my back and i will kiss you like a king; i'll be your bride, i'll keep you warm at night. and i will sing, i will sing!"

"i want a garden and you want a coke. livin' is simple when lovers are broke, you can fix anything with a kiss. If it gets any sweeter than this ... I don't want to know."

may i recommend some sweet songs for your weekend? (you've probably heard them before...)

a fine frenzy / what i wouldn't do
katie herzig / sweeter than this
james taylor & carly simon / devoted to you

and now would you be so kind as to tell me what you're singing along to lately? i need an infusion of fresh on my playlist. they don't have to be love songs, anything will do. really, anything; henry and i grooved to 4 minutes this afternoon.

thanks. happy june. happy weekend.



Emily said...
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Barb @ getupandplay said...

I love Sara Bareilles' latest album. Oh, man, it is good.

Christina said...

I really like Elizabeth Mitchell for kids' music that I enjoy listening to as well. "So Glad I'm Here" is one of my favorites. And I think "Freight Train" is one of the kids' favorites.

Bloom said...

Christina - we adore Elizabeth Mitchell :) great taste!

toddnjoelle said...

I just got the new Adele CD. I love her soulful voice.

toddnjoelle said...

Oh and I just got tickets to a Sara Bareilles concert at the BRITT festival. Did you know she is coming to town. YEA!

Brittany. said...

john legend.