Monday, May 2, 2011

What a weekend!

(unrelated pic...B, Rog, and Carter on Easter Sunday. Gosh, that's cute!)

Good morning, darling friends!

My goodness, what a weekend! It was an exciting one for the world! (Could the Royal Wedding have been more exciting/beautiful?! I am dying to have a reason to wear a fancy hat and am feeling so unsophisticated with my American accent!) (Could it be any more goosebump inducing to hear President Obama talk about the downfall of bin Laden?!) (That was a lot of parentheses and exclamation marks!!!!!)

Here on the home front, it was a hectic one for Em and me. There were church lessons taught and family events attended (including watching Em's brother-in-law perform as Conrad Birdie with such perfection that I think the producers of Glee are calling).

For me, the most noteworthy event of the weekend was Blaine's 5th birthday party which, let me tell you, would make all those party bloggers gasp.

Will you come back in a couple hours to hear about it? I'm currently baking and frosting 200 cupcakes for a big community event, but as soon as that's wrapped up I'll tell you all about the most amazing birthday party there ever was. (Is my sarcasm coming through online?)

Back soon,


Joan said...

Bless your sweet soul for posting at midnight?! I love you forever and ever :)

Danielle said...
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