Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seeing the Everyday

Goodness, life feels busy. Does everyone feel busybusy? Like they're running at the edge of their capacity? Try as I do to keep things simple and calm, many days can only be described as whirling and fragmented, or at least that's what my mind feels like. Even the mailbox hints at the crazy - so many catalogs, statements and solicitations. But a few days ago I got a happy parcel, a welcome change from the ads and bills. I opened it up and there was this:

The kind folks at Seeing the Everyday sent me a few samples of their magazine to peruse. Lucky day! It is Gorgeous. Clean and simple. Mindful and thought-provoking. Beautiful words. Exquisite imagery. No ads. (No ads!!) Where other magazines fill me with a frenetic flutter of energy -- must-make-a-craft, must-rearrange-the-living-room sorts of compulsions -- Seeing the Everyday left me feeling calm and reflective. Wanting to quiet down, and give myself more completely to the few things that really matter. I appreciate an influence like that.

The magazine is full of stories and reflections from people like you and me. I'm thinking of submitting something, you know, when my life slows down.

Do you subscribe to Seeing the Everyday?
Do you love it?


Christina said...

This has been on my must-read list for the past few years. After your review, I'm even more convinced I need a subscription!

Melissa said...

This is so awesome. I just ordered my subscription and one for my sister. I love the quiet moments and nurturing relationships. They are a gift. Thanks for turning me on to this. I can't wait!

Joan said...

LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE this magazine!!!
It was my prize for winning the photo contest a while back (thanks to you Bloom) and I have savored every page. Reading it calms me, allows me to refocus, and be more mindful of the simple life.
Worth every penny of the 20 or so odd bucks for the year subscription.

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