Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{May} We Invite You...

We want May to be a month- long celebration of things like motherhood, growth, perspective, womanhood, beauty, indulgences, deliciousness, evolution (of self, not apes), and love (of self and others). Do you have anything to say about those things? Because we would really love for you to add your voice to the mix.

What about these topics? Anything you'd like to share about...

* What you thought you knew about being a mom before you actually became one juxtaposed with what you know/feel about it now.

* The way you'd like to be celebrated on Mother's Day (gifts, food, traditions, what would make you feel most loved and honored).

* A valuable truth or insight you learned form your mother.

*What you wish you'd known about motherhood from the beginning.

* Memories of your mother. How you think your children will remember you. How you want them to remember you.

* The unexpected things you love about being a mother.

* We'd love to hear about some of the challenges you've had to overcome as a mother. And some of the victories, too.

* The joy of giving your children a safe, warm, happy childhood.

* What have you learned about yourself since becoming a mother.

These contributions could come as essays, poems, just a simple paragraph.

Some other things we'd love you to share are Mother's Day gift ideas - what you're hoping to receive or what you're planning to give. Perhaps you're the crafty sort and could share a tutorial for a hand made gift.

Last year we hosted an Art of Mothering photo contest. The submissions were beautiful. As part of this collaboration, we'd love to see photographs that capture an essence of motherhood.

We'd also love some recipes - for a delicious Mother's Day breakfast in bed or celebratory brunch or dinner. Or a tasty dessert you'd like to share.

I know a lot of you will read this and think, I'm too busy. Or I'm not a good writer. But there is so much good that comes of sharing our personal stories; that's the best thing about this whole blog. And even just in the act of writing them down we are able to understand ourselves better and think more introspectively about the lives we are creating and the people we are becoming.

We hope you'll consider our invitation...we'd love to hear from you.
E.mail us if you're interested (aplacetobloom at gmail dot com) and let us know what you have in mind.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful idea -- I'm looking forward to what might be in store!