Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Twenty Eleven

This week is Spring Break for us (Em & co.) After some utterly bland weeks that have oozed together in uneventfulness, I was ready to put dull on the shelf and make some memories. So that's what we're doing this week.

Our bellies have been out for breakfast.
Our feet have been up a mountain.
Our noses have been in favorite books.
Our bodies have been snuggled up in mama's bed for a slumber party.
Our senses have been delighted by Mary Poppins and licorice and pop corn.
Our paintbrushes have been busy imitating the blustery weather outside.
Our fingertips have been color-stained with the residue of oil pastels.
Our toilets have been scrubbed, our floors have been mopped, our laundry has been washed and sorted and folded and put away (x 6 loads), our dishwasher has been loaded and unloaded and loaded again. (watching them learn to work is so satisfying and worth all the negotiating and prodding it takes to make it happen).
Our oven has baked bread (5 loaves). We sent two away for dear friends to enjoy.

Would I rather be away at the coast? Yes.
Do I wish my husband could be participating in all this fun? Of course. (explanation for the confused: he's an accountant and it's tax season).

But in all of this:
We haven't driven more than 5 miles from our house.
We haven't spent much money at all.
We haven't fussed or stressed.
And we've had a lot of fun.

And we still have a few tricks up our spring-break sleeves -- treat-baking and doorbell ditching, invitation making, fort building and plenty of chance to just enjoy all the freedom and slowness and spontaneity that exists in the space that is usually occupied by school. It's been so fun to have a week where my number one objective is to help my kids feel joy and make memories with them.

Children are so easily delighted.
Fun can be so uncomplicated.
I think I might love no-school more than my kids...

What are your favorite ways to have fun as a family?


Christina said...

I can totally understand loving no-school more than my kids. I'm already scheming for spring break and pining for summer vacation. Your break sounds divine and just how I like it- lots of good old-fashioned fun at home. Thanks for sharing!

Vicky said...

Easter break is still 2 weeks away in the UK. I haven't got a clue how I'm going to entertain my kids yet. But I'm liking the idea of putting them to work round the house.. don't think they will! lol.x

Joan said...

Simply adore your writing, Em. You are clever, genuine, and thoughtful in the way you write. I can hear your voice coming right through the page (computer screen).
Happy to hear you're soaking up your precious little ones :) Sure wish us Phoenix friends could join you.
Ps: you going to Jerski's wedding per chance?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a full and wonderful Spring Break! At our house...
my new can of mousse was emptied on the wall and train table, our bottle of hand soap was emptied on the vanity, potty treats were stealthily emptied into 2 little bellies, large poop was emptied into my 5-year old's underwear, yogurt mixed with laxative powder was emptied onto the alarm clock,my son's window was made empty of it's curtain,the same son's belly was emptied of it's contents, and my bed was mostly empty from getting up at 5:30 to intercept the wild rumpus! I just love spring break! Bring it on summer!