Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No-Sew Pennant Banner Tutorial

I got crafty last week and whipped up a no-sew pennant banner for Lily's room. I'm still smiling about the results. And about the fact that this was an easy, inexpensive, one hour project that I was able to make from materials I already had in my craft closet. It felt so good to make creative side was collecting dust. Sad!

Here's how I did it...

First, you'll need:
*small scraps of several different fabrics
*a length of twine
*pinking shears
*fusible web/wonder under
*glue gun

:: Fold each of your fabric scraps in half and press them with the iron so you have a nice crisp fold and a wrinkle-free piece of fabric to work with. The fold will be the wide base of each triangle pennant (so if you opened it up you'd have a long, skinny diamond) and the pennants will hang from the fold along the length of twine.

:: Cut your first pennant to the desired size and then use it as a template for all the others. I laid the template pennant on each different fabric and marked the corners with a sharpie.
I made nine pennants. You can make as many as you want, depending on how long you want your banner to be. You can make the pennants as big or as small as you like.

Don't those fabrics make you think of a dress your grandmother would have worn as a girl?
I'm in love with them.

:: Place pennants over twine at desired intervals.

:: Open up each pennant and place a small strip of hot glue in the fold and press twine securely into place so pennants don't slide around on the string.

:: Cut triangles out of fusible web/wonder under, just smaller than pennants. Place wonder under between the two sides of the pennant, close pennant, and iron - this will adhere the wonder under to one side of the pennant. Open pennant, peel back paper lining from wonder under triangle, close pennant, and iron again - this will adhere the sides of the pennant to each other. Repeat with each pennant.

Hang it up.
Love it up!

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Susan said...

Ohh, this is so cute! I need to make this for both of my girls rooms! Thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have actually been searching on sites like Etsy for a pennant banner for my office -- Who knew I could make one myself so easily?! Definitely adding this project to my to-do list.

Danielle said...

darling em! perfectly you;)

Christina said...

I love this!

Kate said...

Darling Em! And love love love that it's so fast to make. Right up my alley. you're turned out great!

Kate said...

just noticed danielle's comment started out the same way... and I meant "yours turned out great!"

maybe i need to go to bed!

jeanine said...

So so cute! I'll have to add this to my "to make" list!

Shabby Soul said...

So cute! I am making one today & will be posting it on my blog! Thanks for the instructions!

Bistro said...

I really love your idea, Thanks for the tutorial! :)sh

Thread In Her Hair said...

What a great idea! So easy and cute! Thanks!!

Angela said...

After nearly cursing over a borrowed sewing machine for the last hour, I found your post and I am definitely going this route!! Thanks so much!

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