Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soon To Be Five

I can't believe you're about to become a family of five. What a joyful milestone! Three little gentlemen who will call you mom and think you are the cat's pajamas. Perfect. It was so fun to celebrate Boy #3 with you; shall we give our Bloom friends a little peek at the festivities?

simple decor: wooden blocks scattered about as accents, a circle mobile, fresh flowers
a b-a-b-y banner (made from this awesome free printable - a darling pennant for every letter of the alphabet...just imagine the possibilities!), and an over-sized clothes pin holding a sheet from a vintage paper doll set

Anne was radiant. So was her belly :)
She wore her party shoes. Roger didn't wear shoes.
When expecting your third boy you mostly need things like diapers. And a gift certificate for a pedicure. Check and check.

The food was delicious! I'd commit a crime for a slice of that hazelnut bread with strawberry cream cheese spread right now...so good! (*must track down recipe...)

note: We mostly don't believe in baby shower games, so we didn't play any. But we did ask each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves.

We hung them from a length of twine with (very cute!) miniature clothes pins and then we tried to guess which guest was pictured in each one. Also, since Anne is about to have her third child, Melissa, (the host and Anne's sister in law,) asked everyone to share a story about the birth of their third child, their feelings about having a third child, their thoughts about it if it's a hypothetical on the horizon (or not on the horizon at all), etc. It was a great ice breaker and a fun way to acquaint a varied group of guests. I think something like this is really important at a party where many of the guests may not know each other - it gives people something to talk about when they're eating and mingling - a little bit of context and common ground.

So there you have it. Fun party. Beautiful mama. Can't wait to meet that little guy, he is sure to be scrumptious!



Danielle said...

Oh I sure wish I could have been there! Utah feel so far away sometimes. Can't wait to meet the little lad.

jeanine said...

Ooh How fun... and classy. I love the ice breakers. I'm not a "shower game" type of gal either so those are fun!

Spiresfam said...

This post made me cry! I know I am crazy! I miss my friends! You are both a part of my heart FOREVER! But you know that! :) Anne good luck with baby boy #3! Give him lots of kisses from his Auntie Traci!
What a wonderful looking party Melissa! Wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...

It looks like this was such a wonderful shower! I'm actually sending the link to this post to the friend who's throwing my (first) baby shower ... :)

Heather said...

How fun! I ABSOLUTELY believe in a shower for every baby, it's a time to celebrate!! What a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends and family do this for her. I love the cute decor! And she looks fabulous, I never look like that :)