Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On The Eve...

Just a few things that we've seen and loved lately:

This beautiful "I am Thankful" printable from SilverBox Creative. Wouldn't it be lovely to sit around the table and enumerate blessings with loved ones and then have a visual reminder hanging up afterward?

Thinking ahead to Christmas (are you decorating this weekend?) Loving the concept of "organic" decor this Holiday season. Kind of a fun challenge to arrange things in your fridge, pantry, backyard, etc. in a festive, beautiful way. And so many options: fruit, pine cones, berries, mistletoe, nuts, pine boughs, blossoms (don't you love the poinsettia blooms cut and displayed in bud vases?)

And finally, loving Sarah's idea of 52 Thankful Letters. She's inspired me to come up with something specific and purposeful in my own life to cultivate more gratitude - I've been feeling a need for this lately.

How are you counting blessings and cultivating gratitude?

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