Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Candy Trade-In

I love Halloween night. Love it! I love pulling together costumes and eating dinner as quickly as possible so we can get out in the neighborhood with the rest of the families. I love the glowing jack-o-lanterns and giant bowls of goodies and smiling neighbors. I love watching Blaine--the brave knight--running down the sidewalk with two shields, a sword, and a ghostie candy bucket, with Tigger Roger chasing after him. I love the excitement over a 'honey bitto' (really Blaine, you love Bit-o-Honeys?) or the polite 'ackshully I don't really like these candies' on each porch. And I love ushering them home, letting them munch a few favorite sweets, cozying them up, and watching them drift off to sleep (or is it a sugar induced coma?).

But then we wake up on November 1st and there are two giant ghostie buckets of sugar on the counter. Yikes! So I have a plan this year, and my boys are already looking forward to it.

We'll save a few of our favorite candies and put them in treat basket in the high cupboard. They can be doled out for good behavior, extra chores, or an easy dessert. But the rest will be traded in for coupons. You know, like this: "Trade in 5 candies and earn a family movie night." We're going to do movies and outings (to the local science museum, bookstore, dollar store, or yogurt shop, for example) and maybe even a late night. And look. I even found these printable vouchers to use.

Here's the thing, I'm not ultra controlling or even super worried about a little sugar in my kids' lives. But you should see the loot we collected. And you should see my two-year-old on a real life sugar high. Whoa. This way, we got our magical Halloween night, we get some of our favorite sweets, and we also maintain our sanity and healthy bloodstreams. It's like a win-win-win.

Already dreaming of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes,

P.S. Any fun outings/prizes to add to the voucher list?


families are forever said...

The local rock museum has always been a favorite of mine and all of my children, and it's free!

families are forever said...

OPPS, I guess they charge a small fee now. SORRY

The Crater Rock Museum is located at 2002 Scenic Ave. in Central Point Oregon; take exit 35 off the I-5 and head 1 mile south on Hwy 99, make a left on Scenic Ave. The museum exhibits include a collection of world class minerals, as well as a large collection of petrified woods and indigenous rocks of Oregon, the US and Mexico. Other exhibits feature fossils, Native American artifacts, a mid-1800s scrimshaw collection, a collection of glass work by Dale Chihully and his students, and a wonderful collection of shells. The museums gift shop also includes an art gallery filled with the works of local artists from the Roxy Ann Gem & Mineral Club. Guided tours are available by appointment. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, admission is $4 for adults, $2 for students & seniors (55+), ages 0 to 5 are free. Phone (541)664-6081

jeanine said...

This is a great idea! I saw this idea on Blue Cricket Design and thought it was fun too:

Danielle said...

Yeah...but who's gonna take the candy away from me??

I have eaten WAY too many butterfingers today. Avery could pretty much not care less about the candy.

Vicky said...

I think this is an awesome idea, even better than the dentist in town offering $1 per pound and a light-up toothbrush.

Joan said...

OyE! We have enough candy to kill a horse!
We have a rule in our house that on Halloween day you can eat as much candy as your poor little tummy can hold but after that it goes away and is rationed. Maybe a piece or two after lunch or dinner.
Between me, B, the small rations to the boys and feeding our Sunday school/Young Women's classes we should be good till next Halloween! :)