Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Forum: Working Moms

(Ha Ha...who remembers the 1987 classic movie Baby Boom with Diane Keaton?)

Today's forum is all about the working mom. (Of course all moms are working moms, but we're talking about those who get paid for doing something other than mothering.) We're curious...

Working moms...

How much do you work?
Do you work from home or outside the home?
How do you balance between work and motherhood?
What do you love about being a working mom?
What is hard about it?

If you don't work (aside from full-time motherhood!!)...

Do you wish you did?
Is there fulfillment from working outside the home that you feel you're lacking by staying home with your children?


Mickie and Matt said...

I work about 10-15 hours a week, I used to work 20-30 hours a week right after Ty was born. Before Ty was born I worked 40-50 hours a week!

I work from home now, I used to work at the office and was blessed by an AWESOME employer who gave me a laptop and told me I could work from home after having my little man.

It was a little tough at the beginning to figure out how to balance everything but once Ty started taking regular naps then I would work during his naps, which was about 5 or so hours a day. Again my employer was VERY understanding about it and told me to work when I could. It did make things tricky to get daily chores done because that meant I wasn't spending as much quality time with my son as I wanted but I found that after my husband got home from school (9:30 p.m.) I could finish up the laundry, dishes, sweeping, meal prep, etc. etc. that I didn't get done that day and sometimes he could even help! :)

What I really like about being a working mom is feeling that sense of accomplishment outside of mom stuff. The reports I do are crucial to the company and are constantly used in almost every decision made in the company (I work for a home builder) I go to meetings once a week at the main office so I get to be all dressed up in my business attire and they even let me bring my Ty along (who dresses up as well). He watches a show with the Office manager (who considers him as one of her grandchildren) while I am in my meetings. It keeps things fresh and it's a change from having only conversations with a 1 1/2 year old. Also it helped pay for my husbands tuition to complete our goal of no debt when graduating. Actually my work gave him a scholarship since he works so hard too! I can work as much or as little as I want, so if I know we have some birthdays or holidays coming up I just work a little more to pay those extra expenses.

Luckily now, I am phasing myself out and slowly letting others take over certain responsibilities. I am pregnant again and my hubby will graduate very soon so we decided now is a good time for me to be done working and focus just on being a mom. I am excited about that because sometimes I have a conflict where I need to get something done but my child is having a melt down while I am on the computer or the phone. Again I was just super blessed with an awesome flexible employer who worked with me on everything and was so understanding. It is the perfect job for a stay at home mom!

Anna Ander said...

Hello Bloom!

My first visit here and you have a question just for me! I'm a Swedish mother of two and a copywriter, I've always worked outside the home and still do. Over here society is pretty much based on both parents working and stay at home-moms are really rare. That said, I work less now that I ever have before and have recently resigned in order to start my own business (thus being able to work from home).

I work from 8 in the morning (my husband drops the kids off) until 2 pm, when I go to school to pick my boy up (he's seven). Together we pick up his babysister in kindergarten (she's three) and then spend the afternoon together at home. By Swedish standards I really don't work a lot, but I wish I could cut my children's hours away from home even shorter.

I like to work. It gives me great joy and is a creative outlet (and bringing home the big paycheck is also a bonus). That said, I live in a country where it's possible to do both (when our children were born my husband and I stayed home a year each, so they didn't start daycare until they were 2 yrs old). If I had to choose between working and taking care of the children, I'd be home in an instant. Now I don't and for that I'm very grateful.

Best regards from Stockholm!

Cammie said...

I work about 10 hours a week, from home. I'm lucky enough that my job allows me to interact with my kids while I am working.
I love that I have some extra money to use however I choose. We don't put this in the budget, it is mine to use however I choose.

Anonymous said...

I work 24 hours a MONTH. It's perfect for me - just enough time to dabble with my RN skills and keep my license valid (in Oregon a nurse must work a certain number of hours over time to keep a license operable).

I've just started working 2 12-hour shifts on either a Saturday or Friday night (1900-0700) - so my husband is home while I am gone/sleeping.

What I like about working is the ... extra moolah! :) And, more seriously, we decided it was a way to assure increased self-reliance in a future day should my husband's income ever go away.

Thanks, Bloom, for your posts. I enjoy them!

Stacy said...

Funny this should come up. I've been working very part time for the last 4 years - about 20-30 hours per MONTH from home.

This month, however, marks the second week of a new schedule - 20 hours per week at the office, and I'm having mixed feelings.

I'm not sure how to balance home and family and work. Between co-op preschool and daycare I feel like I don't see my daughter.

Having spent every day of the last 4 years with her, I am in withdrawals. I miss her sense of humor, playful banter, games, places we go together, playdates with friends, and the flexibility of our time together.

That said, as I head out to work my brain is starting to function again. Toward the end of my pregnancy, my brain shut-off. I was in Mommy-Mode. B.C. (Before Child) I had a sharp mind with a great memory. Now I make lists to remember anything and the days flow into each other in a haze.

Working outside my home has started to wake-up my head. While our girl is in daycare, I can trust she's well-cared for and turn the mommy-radar off for a period of time reawakening those sleepy grey cells.

Rachael said...

I have taught (university) since the beginning of my first pregnancy (my oldest is almost six). Collegiate teaching has been fantastic, because it is incredibly flexible, and I would teach early-morning classes and be home just after the children finished breakfast, at which point my husband would go to work.

I usually take a semester off after a new baby; after my third was born I decided to switch to teaching online rather than in the classroom.

I used to get a great deal of satisfaction out of teaching, but now that I no longer interact face-to-face with the students it's become work rather than something I look forward to. So after my fourth baby is born in May, I'm not planning to return, at least in the immediate future. At this point, I feel like continuing to work would be something I'm doing for the money, not because I love doing it, which was the case in the past. On the other hand, the money has certainly been helpful, especially since it has allowed us both to finish undergraduate and graduate degrees without any debt.

I have found that as my children get older, teaching has become less satisfying for me, because my children are so much more engaging. I am very fortunate in that I've been able to work in a field where it does not infringe on my role as a mother (I do all my grading when they're asleep, for instance), but it is still an emotional drain on me. I must say that I have never thought of myself as a "working mom," even though on paper I work 20 hours a week. But my rule is that when my children are awake, I don't work. That's just how it is. And that helps me to separate my role as a mother from my alter ego as Professor So-and-so.

Balance? My husband is key to this! He has always been incredibly supportive, and encouraged me to teach because I enjoy it, not because of the extra income it brings our family.

Rachael said...

I should also add that my husband is in the last year of his doctorate, so his schedule is more flexible than it would otherwise be if he was working in industry. I've tried not to take advantage of this, but there have been times when he has taken the children to the lab with him while I was teaching.

Jolena said...

I find this topic so interesting because I am on the front end of being a working mom. I'm having my first baby in two months and will finish my grad degree a few months later. My husband still has a year left in his undergrad plus another for his masters, so I will most likely continue to work in various capacities. I'm hoping to do contract/freelance consulting work so that I can set my own schedule, but we'll see how it goes. It's good to hear everyone's stories of how they have made it work for them.

ihilani said...

I guess I'll be the first completely stay-at-home don't-get-paid-a-penny mom to comment. I was never really working a REAL husband was getting his masters, and I was picking up some college courses that looked interesting to me when I got pregnant. I HATE the idea of being away from my daughter at work, so we're committed to keeping me at home. Of course, this economy makes that difficult, but so far we're sticking to it. Both of us love the idea of starting our own business, but with him working, it would be up to me to do that, and my understanding of entrepreneurs is that they often put in more hours than a traditional 9-5er, so unless we take the plunge and open a business together, I don't really see myself taking a business very far on my own. I LOVE giving my daughter my undivided attention. I used to think when she was first born that I would have time to run a small business from home, but at almost 7 months, she seems to be demanding more and more of my time and attention, so maybe it wouldn't work out after all. I get my satisfaction from a clean, well organized home that is a pleasant place for my husband to come home to, from crafty projects that I attempt, from social networking and blogging, and from watching my daughter learn new things. I LOVE it!

Savannah said...

I work about 20-30 hours per month. 50% of my work is from home and 50% out of the house. I work for a company that does occupancy inspections of homes for mortgage companies. Half my time is spent at home on the computer doing quality control work for other inspectors. I approve their work and submit it to our client. The other half of my time is spent driving from house to house and doing inspections. Luckily, I am able to plan this around my husband's school schedule and I only do them when he is home to watch our 18 month old.

Usually I can just do my quality control work when she is napping or down to sleep for the night, so there's not much to balance with motherhood. However, during the "rush" of the month sometimes I have to work when she is awake and that is nigh impossible. It can be VERY difficult to keep up with housework during the "rush" season too.

The only thing I LOVE about working is the income. My husband is a full time student, we have an 18 month old, and I'm pregnant. So to say things are tight is a bit of an understatement. My income isn't large, but it definitely helps make ends meet. I really like that. And I love that my company is so flexible and caring. They are an LDS company and don't want us to work on Sundays etc. So that's great too.

The other great part is that the QC work I do is totally home based, so when we move away for dental school I can keep working! Hooray!

Sally said...

I've been on every side of the spectrum from being a stay at home mom, working full time away from home, and now working from home. Each one has pros and cons. All though I don't ever plan on working away from home again until all of my kids are in school, I do miss it sometime. Mostly the grown up interaction. But, the occasional play date with friends and their children seems to help with that. I love working from home because of the extra income, but it still is hard. My job can get a little messy by itself and then throw on top of that kids who are tearing apart the house, it can get crazy. I am always grateful though for a profession that allows me to do something I love and earn money.

Becky said...

I have worked for going on 4 years from home as a Special Education teacher for an online school. I feel very blessed being able to raise my 3 year old and 8 month old.

I work 40 hours from home and it can be very difficult. I try to spent as much time with children in the morning and then put my son down for his 4 hour nap. I'm pretty lucky he still naps that long. My 8 month old has two naps that are typically 2-3 hours each so I do have time I can really focus when they are both sleeping.

I think finding a balance is very difficult. Something always has to give and I try to not let motherhood give. It is usually my personal time and outlets that I have to let go of right now.

I personally am looking forward to the day that I do not need to work. My children are the most important people (besides my husband) in my life and I hate the fact that I can't spend the time I would like with them and take them to play dates and story times. I don't need the accomplishments that come from my job and find my fulfillment come from being the best mother I can to my children.

I do enjoy the outside friends that I do have from working at home. I am able to chat by phone or IM with other working mothers and we support each other and know what each other is going through.

Although I do find a lot of negatives being a working mom, I am very blessed and thankful to work from home. I can't imagine my days not being with my children.

Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this!

Astyn said...

I worked part time after my first son was born, but quit altogether after the twins were born.

Switching to 100% mommy 100% of the time was quite the transition for me(plus the challenge of twins). I missed having a reason to really dress up, and I missed the frequent interaction with coworkers. I also missed time solving problems totally unrelated to motherhood. However, as my children are growing and changing so much, I feel so lucky to be able to stay home with them right now.

The MOB said...

I am a working mama of a two year old with baby number two on the way. I got pregant with my first at the end of law school. I took and passed the bar (hugely prego) and then took 10 months off before looking for work.

I loved being home full-time, but after all that education I felt I owed it to myself to try being an attorney. A great part-time job working for another mama attorney fell in my lap, so I couldn't pass it up.

It has been over a year now - I work 25 hours a week, which is three full days a week. I work full-time for the weeks when I have trials (which is only every few months) and I pull some Saturday afternoon sessions during naptime occasionally.

I work from the office and the balance is sometimes really tough. I struggle with finding any me time and focusing on my son on my days off, which are also my only days to get things done and run errands. But all in all, I enjoy working outside the home part-time (I have no desire to do it full-time). It is challenging and it gives me peace of mind that I could support my family if something were to happen to my husband.

I am very fortunate to have a very flexible, understanding employer and have lots of local family. Our son goes to my husband's cousin's house twice a week with his second cousins and gets to hang out with one of his Grandmas on the other day, so I don't stress out about childcare.

p.s. Even with a high stress, demanding job, my days at home with a toddler are often more difficult and challening, so I give props to stay at home mamas! It isn't easy or any less worthy than paid work!

Brad & Amy said...

I currently work 30-45 hours a week . . . only 10 of those at my office. Before my second son I worked full-time to get my husband through his Master's degree. After I had my second son I quit my job, but a week before my last day they offered me the option to work at home. This has turned out to be a huge blessing for us to keep our health insurance and income as my husband finished his last semesters of architecture school. We always thought that I would quit after he graduated, but we just couldn't stand the idea of struggling with student loan payments for the next 15 years and decided that (with the help of Dave Ramsey's program) I would continue working until next spring. My entire income goes to student loans and it is really satisfying to know that within 9 months of my husband’s graduation we will have all 7 years of our schooling paid off! (15 years of student loan payments!!!)

I've never gotten to be a stay-at-home mom, but I can't wait until that day comes. Not because I think life will get easier (I actually know that emotionally it will be much more difficult). What I like about being a working mom is that I've been able to gain experience in my field in case there is ever an emergency in our family. I feel like I could confidently and easily go back to work with the experience I have gained.

I feel like I really know who I am when I'm at work because it is something I have been training my whole life to do. Motherhood is new, so unpredictable, and so different than I ever anticipated that I am still struggling to feel to feel comfortable with who I am as a mother. Working has also given me a better perspective of how a working individual feels at the end of a work day, so I can better understand my husband's needs when he gets home from work (a little unwinding time).

One thing that has helped me find "balance" is to realize that it is almost impossible to do so. Holding myself to a more realistic expectation has really helped a lot. On days where my work assignments are really pressing the house looks like the Cat and the Hat came to play and dinner is leftovers, cereal, or pizza. You really have to realize that you can't do it all. . . which has been so HARD for me because I am a perfectionist. Working from home is hard because you really don't have free time, I work through all of my kids naptimes, and again when they go to sleep . . . and I never really feel like I am off work because there is no separation in space of these two responsibilities. The flexibility of working from home is great. I love that I feel like I can take my kids to the library or to their activities and still be part of their lives.

For myself, I feel like being a mother is not only the most important role I play but the most rewarding. I realize that the work I do now is temporary and needed to help us be self-reliant and help pay for our choice to gain educations. I know when I get to be home 100% of the time that I will have A LOT of adjustments to make. But I know that my Heavenly Father understands my true desires and will help me to transition into my new role as full-time mom!

Anonymous said...

I am a speech pathologist and work about 30 hours a MONTH between 2 hospitals. It is a very flexible job, and I can work when I want and how much I want. It is the perfect job for a mom, and that's why I went into the field originally. I LOVE having my professional, adult-life time outside of the home, and I love being able to use my degree. I am also in a helping profession, and love knowing that I'm helping someone else besides just my son everyday.
The difficult part about being there is that I am so rusty now! I am usually distracted, too, because I think a lot about my baby while I'm gone at work.
I find that being at work IS my balance. If I didn't have it, a certain part of me would be lost. I find that going to work actually makes me a better mom because I have some time to "myself" and can come back rejuvenated, in a way.
--Jennifer, San Diego

Kate said...

I love being a stay at home mom. I homeschool my three girls and I absolutely love it. I was a teacher before I had kids and there's nothing better than getting to teach your own kiddos - seeing them "get it" for the first time, sharing their joy in their accomplishments, and knowing exactly what they're being taught. I would feel like I missed out on everything I love in life if I went to work. My kids are way more fun than any job I could possibly imagine! This is something that's important for our family, too. My husband in on his second layoff in a year (if you're in college I don't recommend getting into aviation engineering, lol) and has been jobless since April. I still haven't gone to work. My husband is trying to start his own business, selling custom bottle caps and tap handles and stuff for homebrewers. We're hoping this will support us eventually! He's still looking for an engineering job and hoping to get out of aviation (his degree is mechanical engineering, but all his experience is in aviation so we're a bit stuck).

Kate said...

Hmm I guess I don't know how to get my link out of blogger, but it's if you want to check it out. =)

A Jennuine Life said...

Oh, how timely! I was working full time until November 1 when I began a Less-Than-Full-Time role working 24 hours a week. My employer has a policy of allowing this schedule, but in accounting it was fairly uncommon unless you could arrange a job share. This role is a much better fit for me, and now I only have to work three days a week!

Jenn from A Jennuine Life

Kristy Cefalo said...

I have a 2 year old and I don't have to work but I choose to. I am lucky because I have my own business and I determine the work load. I am thankful because I feel like I get the best of both worlds. There is nothing better than taking care of my son but I feel very luck that I have another outlet. I know many people wish to be a full time mom and I think that is pretty amazing. For me it just didn't seem to be the right fit. I think allowing myself to work has helped me be a better mother and wife.

Mirinda said...

I’m 40 and have been a parent for 6 months. I am a foster mommy to an almost 2 year old. I have had a professional job, owned my own business, and had huge professional success. Being a parent is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. And I miss working! The emotional rewards from a career are DIFFERENT then the emotional rewards from being a mom.

We will be adopting the 2 year old in a few months (courts move slow) and bio mommy is pregnant again.

So how hard is it to be a mommy to two tinny ones and work? No really, am I crazy to consider it?

Sugar... said...

Whether you are a working mother or not, props to you for doing your best! I am a woman who never really did like working out of the home, and always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so we are fortunate that my husband can provide for us without me having to help out. I am truly amazed at the women who have posted on here talking about the creative ways they have found to be at home with their children often, as well as bring in some extra income! You are all amazing!

Lindsay said...

I work about 10-15 hours a week. I work mostly from home but usually have about two meetings a month I go into the office for. I am PR writer for a computer software company so I can do my writing all on my own time and don't need to follow any sort of daily schedule for my work. It's nice because I can plan my own schedule. I usually end up working at nights when the kids are in bed. I love being able to work from home but at the same time I am finding more and more that my home time never feels like I'm completely just home. If I am relaxing at night watching TV I always feel the pressure to get out my laptop and get an hour of work in or to get going on my next article. Sometimes I think how it would be nice if I just went into work and could do my work at the office and keep my home life separate from work life, but at the same time I'm grateful I can do my work from home and not have to leave my kids very often.

Working from home was easier when I had just one. I would work during his naps and do a little work at night. But now that I have two and my older boy has given up his naps I don't have as much time to myself and find I am doing most of my work at night which is my only "me" time. But at the same time I like working and like the variety it adds to my life.

Some days I imagine how nice it would be to not to have to worry about work, but other days I am so glad I have it. I am so lucky with how flexible my schedule is and the company treats me so well, it would be really hard to let go. So for now, I'm keeping with it. However, if and when we decide for baby #3 I just don't think it will be possible!

afletchmom said...

i have a 3 yr old son and have worked several different jobs part-time and full-time.

right now i work at least 40 hours a week. a lot of overtime right now due to the time of year. outside of the home.

i don't balance the time very well. when i get home it's snuggle time for me and bugga-boo. then we all eat dinner together and every weekend i try to do something special just me and him.

i love that i am actually a better mother for it. when i am home all day i get selfish wanting to watch my tv, read my books and do my crafts. having time that is set aside for that and time set aside for him makes my life easier.

hard is missing all the small things. i was a stay at home mom for a time. i loved knowing when he said new words, had new expressions that i would try to capture on camera and new activities that he loves. BUT when i get home he loves to show me everything new from the day. AND i must say that my hubby is a stay-at-home dad so there is no childcare/daycare "drama".

this works for us. hubby is much more creative through out the day and they play together. he is going to grad school in the fall so things are bound to change and little man will be *hopefully* going to pre-school.

i like the interaction i get going to work with other adults and i love coming home to a lovely little home with my two men. :)

Banana said...

I have been on (almost) all sides of this too:

I worked full time before the kids in the Dental field, then after baby #1 I waited 8mo to go back part-time with dental and part time in a bakery 2am-7am! I didn't last long at the bakery :). Along the way I also tried several stay-at-home jobs, most didn't make much money, some even lost money. I only made $200 a month in Dental after daycare costs, but it was really good for me to get out of the house for four hours each day. I went through a mild depression from being so isolated after the baby was born (we had just moved, so no family or friends). Working gave me a routine and order each day that helped me get back to normal; it also gave me a chance to miss my baby and to see how I really wanted to be able to stay with her when she was sick and just be there for her when she needed me, not when "work" said I could.

After baby #2 I waited 6mo then opened a Home daycare and watched 2-4 kids each day plus my two. This was a great experience. It helped us with money and let me focus on being with the kids each day.

When baby #3 came my husband was making enough, and had just finished school, so I was able to quit and be a SAHM. This was great, I was busy enough to be really happy with just my kids and I joined a moms group to get us out of the house for activities.

Now after baby #4 I am so, so happy just staying home with my kids. They keep me busy, and I feel like it's so important to just be around for all the questions they have and to be there for them in all the different ages and stages.

Cory & Megan said...

I'm a tad late for this post, however it is something I feel I should comment on.

I am a working mom of a 2-year old little boy. I work full time (35-40 hours per week) and really do love it.

I am lucky to get my shifts to be from 5am-12pm so I am home for the majority of his awake time. It really works perfectly for me. My sister lives with us, and as the deal for her SUPER cheap rent, she watches my little boy for the 8-12 time after my husband leaves for work.

I love the interaction I have with adults at work, as well as the problem solving aspect. I also love that my job is one that is critical to the company's well being and survival. I play an important role, and I take pride in the fact that I am (usually) able to handle being that critical in my job, as well as in my sons life.

I know that if I was only able to work if I sent my child to daycare, I would choose not to work. I did not have a child so someone else could raise him! I do however entirely understand that sometimes there is no other option. And I give serious props to the moms that have to do that, and are able to emotionally and financially handle it!

I am grateful for my wonderful job, and an employer who is flexible and also a parent, so he understands that that is what comes first to me. I am also grateful for the extra money I can bring to the table. Because of my job we are able to go on more vacations, put my son in gym classes and art classes and have the freedom to participate in events and activities that would be impossible if I didn't work.

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