Monday, November 8, 2010

For dinner this week...

Another week, another menu...

Monday: Jamie Oliver's shells with bacon and peas (Recipe HERE.)
Danielle passed this one on to me and I am obsessed with it. The mint is the surprise key ingredient and you will die about it. (A couple of my tips--I don't think you need to add olive oil and butter to the pan when you're about to cook bacon (did I dare just speak against the Naked Chef?!). Also, how to make your own creme fraiche here.)

Tuesday: Chopped Cobb Salad with Blue Cheese (Recipe from My Kitchen Cafe HERE.)
I spent part of last week in Portland and enjoyed a delicious wedge salad (along with fresh, local clams--yum!) for lunch one day. I'm excited to try Melanie's recipe in my effort to relive its goodness. (Try adding some cooked chicken if you're worried about needing more of a meal.)

Wednesday: Nachos
I didn't figure you needed a recipe for this one. Wednesday nights are muy hectic around here. Fast and simple is the name of the game. (Make sure to add beans for protein and fiber!)

Thursday: Quinoa Chili (Recipe HERE.)
I've shared this one before. It was originally scouted out by my cousin, Christina,and is probably the most popular recipe my husband ever blogged about.

Friday: Grilled mushroom, garlic, sage, and swiss cheese sandwiches (Recipe HERE.)
This is another one passed on to us by Christina. My husband made these sandwiches for his coworkers at a retreat last week and everyone raved about them for days. They are so, so good! Serve with tomato soup. (I use swiss cheese; you'll note the original recipe calls for something more special.)

Saturday: Who knows?
My Saturday to-do list is always too full of garage clean outs and yardwork and some fun family activities to be bothered with a meal plan. Leftovers or Papa Murphy's are always good...

Sunday: Pot roast (My husband's instructions HERE.)
Last night I sprawled out on the couch and whined, "it's been weeks since I had a great Sunday dinner! I just want someone to feed me pot roast and mashed potatoes!" To which my husband reminded me that I am almost thirty years old and maybe I should make my own Sunday dinner. Oh, fine! ;)

Buen provecho!

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monkeemoomoo said...

Your dinner plan is inspiring. We are busy here this week and I was thinking pasta, pasta and pasta - it's easy. I might have to rethink.

I love your blog, I've just discovered it tonight. Beautiful photos:)