Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rachael's Exercise Tip #4: Find A Buddy

Rachael's back with her fourth and final tip for creating and maintaining an exercise habit. We're so thankful she took the time to share these suggestions with us - most helpful! And we'd also like to give Ms. Rachael a virtual high five for completing a half marathon last weekend; well done, girl!

Tip #4: Find a buddy.

In my opinion, this is perhaps the strongest guarantee of success. I like having an exercise
buddy for three reasons:

Companionship. As a mother of young children, it’ s so nice to have the chance to talk
to another woman and compare notes on what we’ re doing with our lives. It’s easy for
me to lose track of friends because I get so sucked into the daily mayhem. Exercising
with a friend ensures that I have time with a friend! And I must tell you, the best part
of training for a half-marathon with my husband was that I had him all to myself for
two hours every Saturday morning when we did our long runs. It was really a bonding
experience for us, not just in achieving a big goal, but in having that much time to simply
talk and enjoy being together. Perhaps the best part about exercising with someone else
is that you often get so caught up in enjoying their company, the time just flies!

Consistency. There’ s something about knowing that someone else is waiting for you to
show up that motivates the most exhausted among us…we just don’ t want to let someone
else down! This is especially effective in the pre-dawn hours of the morning when your
bed looks soooo comfy, but you know your friend is waiting out in the driveway.

Competition. If I am exercising by myself, I’ m tempted to slack off a little when I’ m
tired. But if I’ m with another person or a group, I push myself just that extra little bit so
I’ m not the weakest link, so to speak. And each time I push myself, I get stronger. And
because I’ ve done it once, I know I can do it again.

Remember these tips as you create your exercise habit:

1. Do something you enjoy.
2. Start slow and build up.
3. Find a time that works for you.
4. Find a buddy!

I wish you all the best of luck and many, many endorphins! Thanks, Bloom friends—it’ s
been a treat!


Joan said...

Fantastic tips, Rachael. Thoroughly enjoyed your little series :)

Melissa said...

I'm doing a "boot camp" with some moms from our school. The leader is a personal trainer who works for a gym, but is giving us a discounted rate to do this class. There are 12 of us. You can't miss a day (3x a week) without a friend texting and telling you they've missed you. It gets my fanny to the workout. Now, if I could just stop with the chocolate...:D

Dani said...

Great tips! Thanks for the advice.

Malinda Crow said...

Hey, Rachael's even more amazing than we already think she is. Not only did she complete a half-marathon, but she did so while 9 weeks pregnant. (Hope you don't mind me bragging for you Rachael.) :D